How Can I Treat a 2 Yr Old Tt Scar - Mexicali, Mexico

I had a tt done 2 years ago. I am barley starting...

I had a tt done 2 years ago. I am barley starting to take care of my scar. It use to be very dark purple. I been using scar xd I believe.... And it did lighten up my scar. My next opinion will getting a big stomach tattoo to cover my scarring... What can I do about it? Like I mention I just started to treat my scar.
Thank you, will give it a tried.
Will give it a try

24 hrs after B.A

Here r just a few pictures I took. Will take better pictures as I feel better, hopefully soon.
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check out my profile for my laser scar treatment. i just started it two weeks ago.
Welcome to the community.  What exactly are you using on the scar right now?
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