Finally Booked Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift (No Implant) After Thinking About It for 6 Years! - Metairie, LA

I had twins 7 years ago (a 7 pounder and 6...

I had twins 7 years ago (a 7 pounder and 6 pounder) so needless to say I am stretched out alot. I have done my three consults and finally made my decision on who my surgeon will be and can't be any happier. I am scared, but starting to get over the idea that this is a selfish decision. I am hoping I am not underestimating the pain and risks but after obsessing about all of this I am deciding that I need to do this. I have exercised as much as possible (did a half marathon and a sprint triathlon) so I feel good as far as my health and dedication to a lifestyle change...I just hate my body.
I too consulted with several Drs from Destin to NOLA and chose Dr. Lindsey. My surgeries, a tummy tuck, breast reduction with lift (as they are large but different sizes) are scheduled for 2/26/14. I have 3 boys and I too think this is a selfish decision, but my husband says if it makes me feel better mentally and physically then it's beneficial for all of us. I guess Happy Wife=Happy Life
Hooray...doesn't it feel nice to commit to a date. I consulted with Dr Lindsey and liked him a lot. I decided Dr. Black over him because she was just as confident and has her partner I surgery with her so it is two surgeons so I won't be under as long. How has the response been from others when u told them?
Can't wait to see your results!!
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