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Results Will Never Make Up for the Bad Experience I Have Had

I had mesotherapy in October, November &...

I had mesotherapy in October, November & December last year. There was a fair amount of bruising, but I knew that this could happen. In January I developed very painful lumps with purple bruising around the areas I had the injections.(Hips and tummy) By February I was concerned as they were getting bigger and more painful. A doctor diagnosed lipoma, and sent me home. By the end of March I was in agony and running a fever. Went to another doctor and he said that it could be lipoma, but should maybe go in to theatre and have a look. General anaesthetic and a few hours later my surgeon came to see me and told me they were huge deep abcesses. The wounds were left open to drain, which they did for a month.Since then I have had 9 more removed, 3 general anaesthetics in 4 months, and have just found 3 more lumps! I am on methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis, which apparently can slow the process of abcesses forming.Was it worth it? Absolutely not!

South Coast Renew Clinic

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