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Mesotherapy Made Me Look Worst

I had read that small amounts of fat could be...

I had read that small amounts of fat could be melted with Mesotherapy. I had a very small double chin I wanted to get rid of.

After applying some numbing cream, the RN pulled the fat under my chin and injected this meso. I don't know which hurt more, the injection or her pulling my fat so much.

It swelled up like a balloon for 3 days and was bruised for more than a week. Now my chin fat is even larger than when I went in. I think the RN injured my fat and skin so it just hangs off my chin now. I do not recommend this.

I spent over $3,000 on several treatments. In the short term it worked, but within 2 months of the treatment I began to look worse. I had the treatment on my hips. 2 yrs later I am 20 lbs lighter than and my hips are 2x's the size they used to be. I work out 3 times a week and there is nothing that will take them away. Before Mesotherapy I was able to diet and exercise and loose those extra inches on my own. Now it is impossible>
I also spent a ton of money on mesotherapy. The areas are bigger then they were before treatment. I told the doc that did it and she just dismissed it. I have been trying products to get rid of the "permanent swelling". I have also tried various treatments such as thermage with little effect. If anyone knows why this happens to some people, please write in.
I read somewhere that in order for the meso to work effectively, the doc shd not put a numbing cream on to the skin before injection. I am not sure why the fats become larger after the injection. Are you sure is mesoreduce? or other type of meso? Usually you will encounter lose skins on your chin instead of fats.
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