This is Sooo Interesting and Cannot Believe It Totally Worked!!!!

I am 44, 120 lbs 5'6" with a few trouble spots. I...

I am 44, 120 lbs 5'6" with a few trouble spots. I had conventional mesotherapy with the needle injections - wow, it really did work. OK the needles were painful as I was being stabbed but I took a pain pill twenty minutes before the session which helped. I did it five or six times and it was great. I saw a ton of improvement but it did not do all I wanted so I got SmartLipo which was a huge mistake. I loved and totally recommend mesotherapy.
Are the mesotherapy results lasting or do you have to continue?
The mesotherapy is very much temporary and really did not work on the major problem areas . . . I did like it for softening some of the lumps. 
Oh ok, I have a large scar that is pretty lumpy on my left leg I had considered doing that with. I hate wasting money, but sometime you get desperate to fix things you feel are unsightly :( I'm better with my scar. My dr did smart lipo and rally fixed the shape alot. This time he did some revisions to help smooth it more. It was horrible!!!! It looks probably 75% better and after the recision, i think it'll be nicer. It was a difficult job, two hip,surgeries 38 years ago, scar is about 13" long, alot of scar tissue from before. But it's much better now :) Now I may even wear shorts in my yard ::) thanks for he review!
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