Mixed Feelings- I Had 8 Sessions on my Butt and Thighs

I had eight sessions to get rid of cellulite on my...

I had eight sessions to get rid of cellulite on my butt and thighs, and I am left with mixed feelings. I am 5 '7 and about 132 lbs and I always had tons of cellulite on my butt and thighs, but now at the age of 40 (although I only 132 lbs.) my cellulite was so bad I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit. I should also mention, I didn't see any results until I had the fifth session. And, in general, IT WAS REALLY PAINFUL. I couldn't hardly sit on a toilet seat for two days. I was swollen and it was really painful for at least a solid week. I guess I see some results, mostly a reduction in mass. but not a super big reduction of cellulite -which is why I went. Also, I look kinda of bloated and fatter in my mid section, I hope that is not from the sodium....I am going to fast this week and see if it goes away. Also: I did two sessions on my love handles and it did nothing in that area..... All in all - any results are worth it, so I will have to give it a thumbs up. I am 40 and single -living in Hollywood- any reduction of any kind of A-OK with me. Here are some concerns of mine: * First of all, if you can't commit to at least 7 sessions, don't bother. * If it's permanent? I was told it was, can fat cells come back? Were they ever really flushed? * One woman said she has a high sodium count in her blood due to the soy in the shots- not good. * Scars and bumps that will not go away- I have some * Having to pay an extra $45 bucks for anesthetic cream every other time I went. I think that it should be included in the price, why should I have to pay for it? The bottom line: *It's obviously risky and may or may not work- but I also know I have to try everything. Hints: *Drink 60 ounces of water a day- it flushed fat *Do not take Ibuprofen- will cause bruising *Two days of being in a lot of pain, loose clothing for 4 days MY QUESTION: Is Lippo Dissolve work better? Has anyone done both?


Thx, I am in the same situation and have experimented with Mesotherapy as well. I went to two sessions independ. and then began intensively with 2 sessions of "4 viles." I am also thinking that with the costs that I would rather go with something more permanent and effective. I am 5'7" and 122 and wanted to firm all the area on the back and sides of my thighs and butt. Those are the only problem areas I have and have to live basically perfect to keep in somewhat shape in this area. These are the reasons I am researching and experimenting with options. Thx for writing over your experiences.
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Correction: one the comment I sent in, I am going to try Liposculpure not Smartlipo. Here is the difference according to www.dralanbittner.com Is Liposculpture the same as SmartLipo? No. Liposculpture is safer and more effective than SmartLipo or other liposuction gimmicks. Liposculpture can safely remove approximately 10 times the amount of fat that can be removed with SmartLipo without any of the associated complications or risks. SmartLipo can require multiple treatments and because the SmartLipo uses a laser to destroy fat cells, the system has risks of uneven results and burns. Because only one treatment is needed and there are no expensive lasers involved, liposculpture is typically less expensive than SmartLipo. Importantly, because SmartLipo does not remove the cells it destroys, the dead fat can cause liver and kidney toxicity and lead to a longer healing process. Liposculpture removes fat immediately and the majority of Dr. Bittner’s liposculpture patients can drive themselves home and return to work the following day. Skin tightening results and amount of bruising are similar for both SmartLipo and Dr. Bittner’s liposculpture technique
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Now, won't doing Liposcrulpure cause more cellulite? I am confused because I was told yes and then No. At the same it will leave extra hanging skin in the areas of were cellulite was because of the extra skin left from removing.
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