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Mesotherapy and Botox Does Hurt

My weight is 115, wow she is thin how lucky. Well,...

My weight is 115, wow she is thin how lucky. Well, no I'm not because I have a 36 inch waist. So I did the Mesotherapy yesterday and this was very painful. Didn't like the experience at all. Today 05/01/2009 I'm still in pain and bruised all over. Hopefully this works.


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Where did you go in Miami that you only paid 100 dollars for each sessions ?
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I've had 3 treatments so far, and they are painful. The pain goes away as soon as the injections are finished I paid $625 for 12 treatments, and I can see that I lost inches and I can tell it in my clothing. You have to diet and excercise for this to work. Mesotheraphy reduces inches and cellulite. It's not intended to make you loose a ton of weight. You have to do your part.
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I had 5 treatments of mesotherapy and all it was a lost of money. $1400.00 If you got it for a$100.00 that's good. I saw no results and it was extremely painful. I even think my stomach got bigger. I weigh 120 and I am 5"0
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so howz ur experience been. Are you still in the pain? Do you see any +ve results??
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Received mesotherapy under chin (bulge left from lipo) & meso on left side (bulge left from tummy tuck). These shots are very painful and very slow to act. I have received these shots every 3 months or so for almost 2 yrs now. bulge on waist is almost gone now, probably take 3-4 more sets to finish it off. Really wish doctor had not left this bulge when sewing me up, has caused a lot of hassle, but thankful he is following up & finishing his work.
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