Absolutely NOT Worth the $

I spent $250 to get a few areas injected and it...

I spent $250 to get a few areas injected and it did absolutely nothing after the two weeks. I lost no weight lbs. at all and even if I'm a little smaller in those areas, it is because of the low carb diet, and NOT the injections. I totally stuck to my low carb diet, and I usually lose lbs. with that, but this time, I didn't. Makes me think these injections made my results WORSE instead of better!!! It was painful, and there are still some areas that are tender. You have to drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins. I guess I just did not drink enough because I experienced flu like symptoms and had a headache for the entire first week and part of the second. If I had lost a good amount of inches and fat, this would've been worth it, but I didn't. I think it's a total scam. I got Botox injections that same day and THAT WAS money well spent. I'm happy with that, so at least I got something out of it.
mesotherapy for the second chin can make face look puffy for seven to ten days after the treatment.. plus one treatment is not enough it usually takes 3-5 treatments each cost from 300-500$ i think, it is cheaper to have lipo for the second chin. it cost the same plus you do not need to stay puffy for 10 days once a month. plus after mesotherapy fat comes back after a while but after lipo it usually does not come back. both options have complications, there is no guarantee that your face will look even... mesotherapy for my stomack did work for me but I started seeing the results after the 3rd treatment.
I just got my first treatment today. I was told that it has no sid affect other than bruising and swelling but it wasn't true i actually felt verdizzy, light-headed and short of breath. I was so scare. Also, was told that i really wouldn't feel the needles, i felt every painful needle, (almost cry). I'm still debating if i want to do it again. Im in so much pain.
I am not going to do it ever again, pain and swelling is not worth it plus all the results are temporary. I would rather save my money for long lasting lipo ...
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