Close to Turning 30 - Botox is Amazing

I'm getting close to turning 30 and have been...

I'm getting close to turning 30 and have been pretty down about it. I really would like to stay looking young so, My sisiter and I decided to try out botox to see if it really works.It has only been four days and my results are AMAZING!! I can't wait to see that my forehead looks like in 2 weeks:)We a lso got it done between the eyes.We went to our family practice doctor that took the time to explain everything in detail about the product, we didn't feel obligated or pressured into get it done.Our cost was 7 dollars a unit which is an awsome deal. I highly recommend it!!


Hey I wonder if you could do a follow up as to how long this last for you. Glad you are pleased with the results and you are right 7 a unit is a great price-kinda the reason why I am wondering how long this is going to last. :)
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