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I am a mother of two and a runner. Having kids and...

I am a mother of two and a runner. Having kids and exercising left my breasts deflated and little. I thought about breast augmentation for 7 years prior to my consultation with Dr. Flint. Apart of me was afraid of the recovery. I was worried I would look "fake". Several things stopped me from going forward. As soon as I met with Kara and Dr. Flint, I was completely at ease. They were warm, knowledgable, down to earth and thorough. They listened to my concerns and educated me so I felt confident in my decision.

The surgery and recovery were seamless and fast. I LOVE my new look. I have received compliments on how natural they look. I feel like a woman again. What a difference it has made in my confidence! My only regret?? Not doing it sooner and letting fear and indecisiveness rule my thoughts. I would recommend Patti Flint to anyone and everyone!!!

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