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Burning and Painfull After IPL for Hair Removal Underarms and on Legs

So far I have had 11 treatment under my arms and 6...

So far I have had 11 treatment under my arms and 6 on my legs. My hairs under arms are a lot finer but stil come through. my legs are patchy which is good so far but after treatments i do end up with red burn marks where the machine has been used.

I had my 11th treatment under arms yesterday and it felt very hot and very painfull more then usual but the beautician has been using it on 100% for a while now. My under arms and legs are stil sore today and red patches. Is this normal? sometimes i do end up with rectangular burn marks but never as painfull as this.

It is very upsetting to see that you are not being treated by a professional IPL clinic. There is many beauty salons that are professionally train to ensure that IPL clients get the results without being burnt or being in pain as you are now. Plus there are also some medical practices that are not trained correctly either. So you need to find another clinic that are getting results without pain. At Man Zone our professional staff have been trained to ensure that no clients are burnt or affected by the IPL proceedure like you have. Many of our clients report that they do not feel anything and the worst part is when the conductive gel is being applied to the skin beause it is cold. Please note that if the settings are correct you should have only need 6 to 8 full treatments and then placed on a spot maintenance program. Our clients are finding that they only need 4 treatments for the underarm.

Thanks for your reply, i really wish i had gone to a proper clinic now. Since my post on the 11th march on the 13th i went on holiday for a week. (Not a sun holiday) the pain under my arms did not seem to get any better, infact they felt like they wer getting worse.I was smothering them in sudacrem morning and night and was really uncomfortable and sore to wear long sleeved tops and coats as they would rub. They then started to sting and the skin was splitting open but the skin under was red raw and very painfull. I tried to cover with plasters but nothing helped 1 week later and skin is now healing nicely and staring to feel normal, but i have discovered really painfull lumps under the skin now which feel like boyle like lumps but not really visible to see only to feel. Is this like a normal reaction for the a type of recovery or should i go to the doctors?? thank you!
Hi Amanda - To me it sound that you have been burnt by the procedure and you have blister - I would go to your local medical adviser to have the area checked and ensure that no infection is occurring. Plus they will be able to advise you on what you can do to reduce the pain, infection and scaring - Good Luck and please find a better salon for any further procedures.
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Not that i dont feel she knows what shes doing but i wish maybe i would have gone to a proper surgery rather then a beauticians, just to feel like they know exactly what theyre doing.

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