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I have been getting my facial hair removed for...

I have been getting my facial hair removed for close to 10 years now. All medical possibilities tested and ruled out, I just happen to be one of those 5% for whom laser hair removal doesn't work. But I get it done any how because waxing often leaves me with bruising.

I'm skin type V. When I first started, it was the YAG laser. Then, I was moved to the Lightsheer Diode. Intensity for Lightsheer was between 23-25J. During each treatment, each hair would "pop out" like an ingrown hair being popped out. 1 week later, I was able to slide out the hairs with a tweezer. I'm completely hairless for almost 2 months after that.

I recently bought a Groupon for a new medical spa and had my 1st treatment 1 week ago. They used the lowest setting, 15J, telling me they had to be careful since I was a 1st time patient. I knew it wasn't going to work. 1 week post treatment, all the hair is still there and not one would slide out with tweezers, meaning not 1 hair was affected by the laser.

On calling my technician, I was told that they would have to do try starting with the lowest intensity, and working up to a higher level with each treatment. Which means I will "waste" 6-8 treatments just trying to figure out what works for me. Is this how treatments work here in the US? What about people who have their legs done? 6 leg treatments would add to a couple of $$$$. So basically, you're dropping that much money just to get to the starting point.

Plus, I was shocked when the technician didn't ask to see my hair growth the 1st time around. Why would you treat by a pre-decided format (in my case: jawline, upper lip, chin) and not work on an individual basis, since each person's hair growth is different? Most of my hair is just below the jawline, but I had to choose the package that was the closest match. A doctor must treat the problem, not work on the general area.

I'm scheduled to meet the Dr. that owns the clinic and I'm sure he will give me a lot of bs. I will ask for a refund. I also scheduled consultations at 4 other clinics and will discuss my problem before selecting one I think understands me. I hope I find some place that is genuinely interested in solving my problem rather than make money off of me.

It sounds like you gave it your best shot but how frustrating!!  What is your next step??

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