Fraxel Restore for Sun Damage - Nice Results but Worried About Long-term Effects

Had Restore done 6 weeks ago. Moderate pain and...

Had Restore done 6 weeks ago. Moderate pain and did nicely on ridding pigmentation. I had a lot of sun damage because I grew up in S.CA.

Had Fraxel Restore 6 weeks ago and I am worried about long-term problems. If you are a Fraxel victim, PLEASE answer the following questions for me: 1- When was your treatment(s)? 2- What treatment did you have and how many? 3- What were the settings at? 4- What was the manufacturer of the unit used on you? 5- When did you see problems arise and what were the first signs of damage? 6- What damages are you experiencing now? Please advise. Thanks for your help, and I wish you all the BEST in your situation!
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Not until full effects are relevant.

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I wish I had read this earlier I just had Fraxel restore and I am still moderately swollen 4 days after the procedure. Ias not even told that I could have swelling until I turned up for the procedure. My skin also is still very pnk and flaking. The latter does not bother me. Looking as if I just had my wisdom teeth out does. And I have to go to work tomorrow. The literature from the company and the doctor talks about "typical" side effects including xome "mild swelling" on Day 2. Not sure what they mean by "typical"- does that refer to 50% of patients? If so there is another 50% of patients like me who have way more side effects and down time. And "mild - ha what does that men"My swelling was certainly not "mild." There seems to be a lot of misinformation and hype peddled by the company and by the Fraxel practitioners and I wont be going near it again.
  • Reply Go here and type in "Facing The Pain". This is awalk aka Angela Walker. So sad. She saved me from this terrible experience and I think about her everyday even though I didn't meet her personally.
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Wow, well that makes me very paranoid. I have already gone through the bad side effects of another treatment, I was hoping the fraxel would help the scarring from the other treatment mishaps. Geez
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Same here markk, I am being told fraxel might help get rid of lumps from Novielle injections (done a year ago). Too scared now.
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Please read all the negative posts on Fraxel damage, there are several of them, including awalk's forum mentioned above. Then decide for yourself.
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I am considering Fraxel. What was your negative experience as you ask about other Fraxel "victims"
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Hi Your questions can probably be answered best by reading one of the members experience with Fraxel. Her post is under do-not-do-fraxel-ruined-face-burns

Don't think anybody could describe the damage that can happen better that awalk (she passed away in Oct. 2009, may she RIP)Her post is still here and offers vaulable information. Beware, these procedures do come with risks, serious ones at that. Good luck.

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