Finally Scheduled a TummyTuck That I've Waited 14 Yrs For! - Memphis, TN

Just turned 54 yesterday. I have two wonderful...

Just turned 54 yesterday. I have two wonderful sons, 18 and 14. Ever since having my last son I've wanted a tummy tuck. I always put it on the back burner due to so many other more important expenses. I feel it's now or never. I know I will never wear a bikini but my goal is to feel good about my body again. I wear the baggiest shirts I could find. Depressing!!! I scheduled my TT for Jan.18th. This is an amazing site. I've already felt...doubts, panic, guilt for $$ spent. Everynight before falling asleep I read everyones experiences. If reassures me I can do this for ME!!


HI iam 53 almost 54, I'am going in for a tummy tuck & lipo Oct 31 st.. i have a son almost 32 and over the years my body has taken a turn that i have to fix... and this is my journey to the great side in my life.. i wish you well with yours ..YOU WILL LOVE YOUR BODY EVEN MORE.. PRAYER'S TO YOU..
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I had to cancel my TT last January . But, I am more than ready now. I read this sight religiously. It helps in so many ways. For me, it continues to give me the courage to do this for myself. Women in our shoes only really know how we feel.

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