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Hi I just turned 20 years old, and I was wondering...

Hi I just turned 20 years old, and I was wondering how much the procedure cost for reduction, I'm 34GG and my back and upper neck hurts everyday, I no longer have health insurance because they was taking money from my retirement plan "long story" but the pain is so excruciating I been dealing with my boobs since I was 14 and I'm tired. So now that I'm a working lady without insurance can someone pls! Tell me the cost they paid without insurance.thanks

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So I finally went to my consultation yesterday and it was wonderful! Dr goshorn gave me a visual on how he was going to operate on the sista's . He also mentioned he was going to take out 700-800cc out of each side wow is that alot?! I'm currently a 36 h my goal size is a full c . So now I'm waiting for my vacation time in July and will be ready. However I'm nervous as well I'm 21 never Been under how did u ladies feel afterwards
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hi I saw on another review that you are having yours this week, good luck, I am a 32GG and have just turned 24, and I'm only 5 feet tall :( I definitely feel your pain! I hope you update your review.
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Cost if different from doctor to doctor so you would really need to go for some consults.   However, the average cost is around $4050.00.   

I am providing you with a link to some of our Memphis Plastic Surgeons.  Start here doing your research and connecting with other patients.

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