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Progressive Swelling, Pain After Restylane-Memphis, TN

I had botox and restylane treatments Oct. 27; it...

I had botox and restylane treatments Oct. 27; it is Nov. 1 now. Each day that has passed, I have had more bruising and more pain in the tear trough where the restylane was injected. There is red swelling at one injection area. But now the area directly below my lid resembles a classic black eye, though it is starting to turn a greenish yellow tint.

The botox was injected in the crows feet area and the nurse must have hit a blood vessel as there was immediate swelling that I would term moderate to severe. The next day, the area in the corner of my eye was completely bruised in a purple color.

Questions, could the discoloration under the eye that is above the restylane injection site be caused by the blood from the botox area in the corner of the eye? The black eye is only on one side of the face.

Is it possible he hit a blood vessel, too, in the tear trough and that has caused the swelling at the injection side?

i don't understand why the pain has increased as well as swelling as the treatment was five days ago.

I have had these procedures done before without any problems. Botox has never bruised me and have only had very minimal bruising from restylane.

I have an appointment for a checkup in nine days; should i just wait and see what happens until then? As I said, the pain, swelling and bruising seem to increase as time goes by.

And I didn't take any vitamin supplements or ibuprofen etc. two weeks before treatment.

Both the doctors who performed the injections are board certified and both have excellent reputations. That is why i am stunned at the outcome.


Hi -- I just wanted to share my own experience. I had restylane injected into the tear troughs under both of my eyes a few times and it went great. Then one last time I went to have a bit more put into one of my eyes and at first it seemed fine, but by 48-72 hrs. later, I had a bad black eye (well, really the color was purplish/bluish) bruise where the Dr. had injected. Makeup barely covered it up, even when spackled on. I read online that this can happen if a vessel is hit. Anyhow, after a week the bruise hadn't gone away at all, so I went back to the Dr. today, exactly 1 week later, and he zapped it with a Pulsed Dye laser. I am amazed but only 10 hrs. later it's literally almost gone already. SO for those of you out there who have gotten a black eye from restylane, just know that it's possible (at least in the hands of an expert physician, NOT ANYTHING LESS!) to have the bruise treated with a laser. I will post again tomorrow to tell about the progress, in case there's anyone else out there who freaked out like I did!
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Hi Juanita,

Thanks for posting, this is all helpful info for the community. Will you please keep us posted about the outcome? Also I was looking in our forum and there was some info both from a doctor and a community member about tear throughs, I thought you might be able to add some info or gain some information. Thanks and yet again please keep me updated.



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