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My Radiesse Experience - Memphis, TN

I'm a male and I had Radiesse injected into my...

I'm a male and I had Radiesse injected into my cheeks about a week ago and this was my experience.

First off, The reason for the procedure was due to the lack of volume that I had in my cheeks and under eye area. The day of the procedure, my doctor took some pictures and gave me a quick consultation before proceeding with the procedure. I must say due to the numbing medication placed on your face and the numbing medication mixed with the Radiesse makes the procedure virtually painless. He used two syringes to fill in my cheek area and under eye area. To make a longstory short. After the procedure I looked in the mirror and was horrified. I thought that this was the WORST mistake ever. My face was swollen like a balloon. My doctor advised me that the swelling would subside and that I would be extremely satisfied with the results, and to give it a few days. So I did just that, I waited a few days, and nothing happen, my face was still swollen and disfigured looking. I was unrecognizable. So, I scheduled an emergency appointment to see my doctor.

When I met with him he assured me that everything was on course and that after a week or so I would be extremely happy with the results and to give it time. I must say that exactly one week from the procedure, I woke up and looked and the mirror and couldn't be more HAPPY. I am SO THRILLED with the results. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing, even though right after the procedure I wanted to hide in a dark room forever. So for those out there who just received Radiesse and are unsure about the results, or those who are contemplating Radiesse, I say that it takes a week for you to see results and you will LOVE IT.It is well worth the investment!!I hope this wasn't too long.

This is a great review! I'm so glad everything went down & that you are loving the results!! I have an appointment set up next week to discuss fillers, and under eyes is an area I'm considering...but I think I'm too freaked out to pull the trigger yet. Reading that a week to recover is needed is extremely helpful!

Besides the swelling, did you notice any other side effects at all?

Hello Megan,

I didn't have any side effects besides the swelling.I say go for it Megan, I couldn't be more happy with my results.

That is definitely encouraging to hear - we'll see if I get brave enough to actually go through with it or not.

Please keep us updated on how things are going for you!!

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