I am 42 and mother of 3 year old twin boys. Like...

I am 42 and mother of 3 year old twin boys. Like the rest of you ladies this did a number on my body. I've been uncomfortable with the sagging skin and deflated breast for years now. So I decided to do something about it. I had 3 DR consults lined up and I loved my 1st Dr. He offers the No Drain TT and that is something I was very interested in. The 2nd DR was nice but just not as personal as I would have liked, being this is such a personal surgery. The 3rd Dr wasn't what I was expecting at all so axed from the first few minutes.

I went into these consults thinking I'd had have the operation in mid-September- boy was I wrong. Dr #1 had an opening on 8-1-11!! So its only 2wks way!! I can't believe it!!
I will be having a full TT-Breast lift w implants and lipo of the flanks. DR says 5 hours that sounds normal from what I've read!
I'm 5'9" hanging around 175 most days. And of course would love to shed a few pounds by then.

Good for you for doing your homework and meeting with different doctors. I'm sure this will go great for you!

If you get a chance, check out the Facebook page I made called Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back where we talk about plastic surgery, diet, exercise, and beauty. Give us a Like if you're on FB!


Oh my that is coming up quickly:)  Better that way than waiting around for a long period. 

Make sure to have help lined up for the boys....WOW 3 year old twin boys...bless you:)  I bet you run your tail off every day. 

I look forward to following your posts and getting your updates.



I have added pictures! Never thought I'd be...

I have added pictures! Never thought I'd be looking at nude pictures of myself and saying "not so much cellulite in this one..think I'll post it instead or boobs look more perky in this one?!" Humbling. Oh so humbling!!

I have managed to drop 2lbs!! While in the process of stopping smoking-not sure how I've managed that one!

I will say one thing I am more pleased with my PS more each day. I've heard a few things about the other Dr(s) I visited and feel even better w/ my choice! Please know that I do take the negative comments with a grain of salt!

I have started the Vitamedica pre op vitamin program and am hoping it helps with the bruising & swelling later down the road! It was suggested by office manager so why not get all the help I can right??

I booked our hotel! Will be there 1st week to recover before seeing boys. Very cool has full kitchen & frig for keeping all my compresses ready to go!! Hotel offers fresh fruit of all kinds daily for snacking!! Plus its literally 1.3 miles from surgery center! Only downside...gotta clean like crazy when we check-in on Sunday!! (note to self: start getting cleaning supplies)

Here I go can't believe this is happening this fast but for some reason it just feels right!! As has been said 100 times on this website ITS MY TIME PEOPLE!!!!!!! I don't ask for me time much so I'm ready to hit this head on!! Is it the 1st yet?
Best of luck! The sooner the better!
do you have two different blogs I could have sworn I just commented on your blog, No no I didn't I just comment to you on some else blog! Ha ha ha okay I'm losing it!!! Iam so excited for you!
Thanks Dawn! I have tons of help thank goodness! Mom lives literally across street and brother is flying in from Fla to help with boys for 1st ten days!! Very blessed to have such great support!!

I hope your having a good recovery day!

I need input-as there are 2 camps to this...

I need input-as there are 2 camps to this scenario!

I am having second thoughts about my (you guessed it) implant sizes! I am currently going with Mentor Memory Gel 275/300. Dr says I have lots of tissue to work with so that's a plus! I want to make sure the implant fills me out! I want the ladies to stand up the their own again!

How can I phrase this to the Dr so he understands where I'm coming from? I've emailed pictures and he says that effect is acheivable with what I've got to work with! WHAT??

I've heard always go bigger if you have a question at all. Any other ladies agree/disagree with that thought?

I WANT A SMOKE!!! Bad timing on my part-should have quit way before surgery not just a month out!! What was I thinking????
You are going to look fantastic! By the way, I know I have said this a million times but make sure you get bed pads (the kind used in hospital beds for people suffering from incontinence). You are going to leak from the lipo. Make sure the car is lined with them as well as wherever you plan on sleeping. The leaking will stop by the end of the second day but it is messy.
I'm taking old beach towel to cover my seat!! Its only 1.3 miles to hotel-but I am not taking chances!

Very good idea! 

Nobody had ever warned me about the lipo leakage.  I woke up the day after surgery and thought I had peed the bed.  I was horrified and what a mess!


Well in one week I will be saying good bye to boys...

Well in one week I will be saying good bye to boys and checking-in to a hotel for a week of recovery sans twins!
I'm not nervous yet- I think that will happen soon enough.

I did start my period last night! Oh joy- at least that will be out of the way! I won't complain about her being early this month! I have been cigarette free for 1 week and 1 day! Hope I can stay that way even post-op!!

Ready to say bye-bye to sagging breast and roll of fat/skin every time I sit down! Still haven't figured out what size implants yet or what style for that matter!

OK boys need mommy time-gotta run and play while I can..6 weeks is a long time for them!

One week and counting!!! I'm so excited I think...

One week and counting!!! I'm so excited I think I've forgotten to be nervous!! This whole process has taken very little time and I am still expecting something to happen to make me postpone this operation-like catching the bug that's been going around my sons daycare or hubby getting sick...the list could go on! Hubby says its happened so smoothly becasue its all suppose to happen this way! Great support I know!!
I've dotted all my I's and crossed all the T's!! On this end. All I have to do now is decide CC's for implants and get RXs filled! Scary and very real all the sudden!

Ok after thinking about it for days now.. and...

Ok after thinking about it for days now.. and saying I wouldn't go bigger...I'm going with 300cc/325cc memory gel round moderate profile!

Can't help it after many comments, by you wonderful ladies who have bravely gone before us, I'm convinced its the right thing to do! And feel comfortable that they will fit my body!

Can't believe how fast this week is going already! I thought it would crawl by and I'd be looking at the clock all day everyday!

I got all my answers from DR about Rxs and possibly wearing my new binder home instead of the one he provided-and I'm really hoping they let me wear the rainey bra I purchased online--we'll see!! I have purchased my recovery kit-except for the bed pads- drug store was out of them of course??? REALLY! Of course their out-I some! Oh well get some this tomorrow! I want to have Saturday free to spoil the boys rotten- Then hand them over to my mom (HA!! A dose of her own medicine!!!) on Sunday! Not ready to think about that yet!! I'm so glad my brother and his partner are going to be here for 2 weeks!! They totally rock!! (Just means he's gonna want me in FLA when he has is face lift! And I will gladly do it!! Althought he is by far the worlds worst patient) Enough chit chat for now!! I am so ready to do this!!
Monday it is Girlfriend! Oh my lands!!!
I know the time has flown by!! Days away! Less than 96hours away! OMG am I reallllly counting hours now?
My stomach just flipped for you!

OK I feel like a roller coaster of emotions today!...

OK I feel like a roller coaster of emotions today! I go from excited to scared to am I crazy for doing this to myself? I was doing great with it all until my wonderful, caring, loving, graciuos beyond belief, mother brought me night gowns, robes, socks, button up shirts! Its not enough she's watching the boys for a week while I start my recovery! I know she feel quilty for not being there with me-but I told her its better that you stay with the boys!! Here come the tears I can't seem to stop any more! Some days there good tears some days its bad! Today its a little of both!

Strange to think this is the last Friday that I will have dunlap falling out of my blue jeans and rolling down onto my thights!!! Should I do some kind of a farwell ceremony? We've been so tight for 3 years now I kinda feel I owe to him!! LOL!!

I have done all the packing-recovery list is complete and the house is clean!! I get to spend the rest of the weekend with my lovely boys and soak up their hugs and kisses while I can! OMG the time has flown by quick! I can't imagion how you ladies that have to wait 2 months plus can do it!! That would really drive me nuts!!

Have great Friay ladies!! Next pictures posted will be post op!!!!
Woot Woot!!! YOu're almost there! Good luck! You're gonna look great!!! Can't wait to hear!! Will be thinking of you Monday :) Enjoy your weekend!
Best of luck with your surgery on Monday. You are going to be so happy. Take your meds regularly for the 1st few days-it will help. Everyone will be thinking of you.

Its Saturday night and my mom took the boys!! So...

Its Saturday night and my mom took the boys!! So sad! I wanted this last night with them. I know she's bringing them back at 7am so I will get a few hours with them-but I was gonna go their fave breakfasts in the AM!! Can't wait!

I am about to start packing my car!! OMG this is really happening soon!! EXCITED!!

Had long chat with hubby and I told him I can handle pain its temporary- I know I will recover physically-but not getting the love and hugs from my children will break my heart!! Not being there when they fall and need to be picked up-hugged and sent off to do it all over again. Six weeks is a long time not the have my mommy time-Park on Saturday mornings have been thing lately and until this AM I didn't even think about missing out on that for weeks on end---OK pitty party over!!

Good night ladies! Will try to post tomorrow-if not Monday ASAP after my MM!! OH-I have to be there at 545am uggg!! Plus is that hotel is literally 3 minutes away from surgery center!

We will all be thinking about you:)


Its Sunday night at 730! I have to be at surgery...

Its Sunday night at 730! I have to be at surgery center at 545am makeover begins at 7am!! Its all less than 12hrs away!! I'm proud of myself for making it 15days w/o a smoke!! Very happy! Kind of shows how much I truly want this operation!!

I am now going to a xanax or ambien. Not sure which one yet! I know I will be at 2am 3am---you get the picture!!

Good night ladies!! I promise I have all intention of posting tomorrow!! hopefully w/ pictures as well
Yay Cottonmama! You go girl!!! I will be thinking of you tomorrow and look forward to hearing how it all went :)

We are all thinking about you and sending good thoughts and hugs your way.

Oh sweetie GO for the AMBIEN FOR SURE you will sleep! OH bat girl I am so excited for YOU good girl not smoking! No ice cream for me for 3 weeks ~ HOLY MOLY YOU can do it!!! I want to scream for you Take the ambien! you be happy you did skip the xanax for real~ no comparison~

Hi ladies. Yesterday went great. i'm sore but...

Hi ladies. Yesterday went great. i'm sore but hanging in there. Dr removed 5lbs of skin/fat from belly and removed 1 pint WITH lipo.

Cant see anything still all wrapped up. have follow up in the AM can't wait to see.

take care ladies will take pics later.

Thanks for all the well wishes, post again later
Just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you sweetie~
Thinking of you! I hope you got a little comfortable rest last night. Update when you can!

You will be sore and uncomfortable, but keep admiring that tight, flat tum! It gets better day by day. The first four are tough, but keep your eye on the prize!

Well I feel like I've turned a corner! I can get...

Well I feel like I've turned a corner! I can get in and out of bed with no help!!

My 1st shower was short and sweet but enjoyable. Very glad I did the no drain TT. Has help alot. I'm still bent over but close to walking upright!
As many ladies have stated its the lipo areas that are the most sore! The bra band lipo is sore and very swollen.

Here are some pics~~3days post

Here are some pics~~3days post

The 1st 36 hours are long and drawn out!! But at...

The 1st 36 hours are long and drawn out!! But at 36hrs to almost the minute my pain level cut in half!!

Coughing sucks and there's nothing you can do about it!! Just be prepared!!
You look fantastic! I was surprised at the lipo pain. It is all gone now - if that makes you feel better (I am 3 weeks post-op). It just pulls a bit. Hope you continue to recover well.
Woe, u look truly amazing!!! Way to go! I hopr you are recovering well. U wl b feeling great in no time at all. Trust me the pain u r feeling mow IS worth it!
Holy crap, 5 lbs, that is amazing! I am hoping they are able to tell me exactly how much mass was removed too. I am so glad you are feeling well. You look amazing already. Congrats to you!

I felt so good I decided to come home early! My...

I felt so good I decided to come home early! My brother is taking the boys to the movies and such so I wont actually see them until tomorrow!! I miss them and know that hearing them tomorrow and not being able hold them is gonna hurt the most!!

Anyway one to the post op stuff!!

Really good day today!! Swelling in going down but still HORRIBLE under my arms!! Its not to sore haven't had a pain pill in 5 hours and don't feel I'll need one-but will take one in 1 hr no matter what!! Staying on top of my pain pills has been the one saving grace! Thank-you hubby!

The other thing I have mention here is-to the ones who have gone before us-THANK-YOU!! Its because of your words of wisdom that I made it threw so far! Letting things go-just because you wouldn't do them that way-is a big one for me!! And one I had to repeat a few dozen times a day!! Even on pain meds!

Will take pics later and post!! Want to enjoy being home right now!

Also wanted to add that the lipo areas are by far...

Also wanted to add that the lipo areas are by far the sorest of all!! The swelling under my arms is just gross!! I wish the pics wheren't so blurry!! I will take better ones in the AM!!
Good night ladies!!
Wow! U look great! Can't believe how upright u are able to stand! I look like a hunchback. How are u feeling?
You are looking great!! Hope you are having an easy recovery .

Hi ladies!! It's a week today and I feel OK!! Had...

Hi ladies!! It's a week today and I feel OK!! Had a low grade fever sat & sun and was hard to get out of bed due to chills!! Today is a whole new day. Feel much better this AM!! I don't do to the DR until Thursday!! I'm hoping I can start all of my scar cream stuff!! I am walking up right thats a nice touch!!

I still love the idea of not having drains threw all of this!! My swelling has been minimal EXCEPT for my lipo areas!! OUCH!!

This recovery really is just as much mental toughness as it is physical toughness!! 1 step forward for 2 steps back-but I can tell I am gonna love my results!! My belly is flatter than it has ever been!! Can't wait to try on clothes!!
U look terrific! I hope everything is healing well and u feel good!

1wk 1 day post op and feeling like I could join...

1wk 1 day post op and feeling like I could join the living finally!! I was even thinking about running to Kroger to stock up on some items!! But will have to wait till hubby get home to drive me!! I will say one thing my hubby hasn't been the care giver I was hoping he'd be!! After taking care of me for about 5 days I can tell he is over it. To the point my brother asked me if he was taking good enough care of me?? What do I say I'm not gonna start a family feud while my stomach is sawed in half!! But who in their right mind tells someone in this condition "you need to ditch the attitude"??? Really???? Sorry didn't know I had one!! In any case someone who is suppose to love you threw think and thin (pun intended) should be able/willing to put up with some bad days now and then-Sorry I have to vent-I am so glad I have the freedom to come here to you lovely ladies and get this off my chest!! I can't believe I've spent the AM crying over my husbands lack of concern- shouldn't it be from the pain of MM?? I love my husband but I never thought in a million years he'd treat me this badly after such a major surgery! And all he could say was you put your self here-deal with it! Does he not realize I'm gonna be a hottie when all of this is said and done--he can reap the benefits or I'll simply find someone else that will!! Screw him!!

I will say one thing our massive fight put 2 things in focus for me:
1) I can recover all by my self from this point on! I don't need him any more for recovery.
2) I am a hell of a lot stronger than I remembered being!! He just thinks I need/depend on him...we'll see who depends on who!!

Thanks again for letting me get this off my chest!! I truly hope no other husbands out there treat any of you like this!! Find power in your self!! Its there--if you can handle this you can handle anything!!!

Hope your all healing well!! I'm starting to!!! Yeppie
aww he is probably having just an off day, mama. Poor you--go rest.
You look amazing!
I am sorry! Hang in there. My husband is going to be the only one caring for me AND a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 6 month old so we will see how it goes....keep your head up, you will be fully recovered before you know it and hopefully things can go back to normal.

Could he be jealous that you got your hot bod back??
I don't think being a caretaker is natural for men. If my husband's attitude during sicknesses is any indication of how he will act after my surgery, I'm sure I will be in the same boat. We have already been fighting because he doesn't want to hear any of the gross things that will happen after surgery. I'm just trying to prepare him. I'm happy my Mom will be here to help soften some of it.

We are here for you and things will get easier. I think it's just hard for them to see you like that and they don't know how to deal.

Today is 1wk 3days post and I am getting ready to...

Today is 1wk 3days post and I am getting ready to go to the PS!! Hope to get a lot of my sutures removed and a few questions answered. The swell hell on my hips and under arms is out of control and I feel like I should have a little more energy then I do.
I took some pics after my shower the morning and I"ll try to post them later-can't seem to sync phone right now???

I hope this DR is ready to spend sometime answering questions-I may lock the door behind him when he comes in--just kidding no felonies in my future-

Hope you ladies are recovering nicely and for those awaiting their day--it'll be here before you know it!!
How are you doing sweetie : ) I am right there with you! YOUR pictures you look AMZING for real! My hubby was great for the first 3 days and I am grateful for that now I just can't wait for my mommy to get here which is tomorrow my kids and I need help~I think that's just the way a lot of men are in general~ But you look just fantastic~ keep you spirits up your doing great!
what did the doctor say about all the swelling?
How are you feeling after the appointment?

PS appointment went well. He answered my questions...

PS appointment went well. He answered my questions and made me feel much better when I left!

I still have tons of swelling but its going down slowly. I have come to grips with the fact that its going to take months for this to totally go away..and I'm good with it!! Coolers months ahead soon and I can hide what swelling will be left with great new sweaters and such.

Tomorrow will be 2weeks and if I can say one thing-each day is a day and nothing more! I mean that in a uplifting way! I can tell my energy is starting to come back!! Love that. Actually wanted to go for nice walk with my hubby tonight!! It was refreshing and great for the spirit.

Will take pictures in the AM and post!!
Happy healing ladies!!
Hey there cottonmama! Looking good!!! I too wish there were a quicker recovery but there will come a day when we look back on all this and smile knowing how worth it all of it is- even if it takes a while :). So nice to connect w/ someone who went thru this the same time as me!

So glad to hear you are doing better.  That's the attitude to have...way to go:)


Its early on a Sunday-but so far so good! I am...

Its early on a Sunday-but so far so good! I am very upset that my brother left today!! Can't say thank-you to him enough for all he & John have done in the last 2 weeks!! I am very much a "Daddy's" girl and Kenny has taken his place since last October!

I love you Kenny & John!! Couldn't have made it threw this without your help!! XOXOXOXOXO!

I'm going to post a picture now!! I'm still swollen and so sick of it at this point!! I know its all a part of what I signed on for when getting this MM!! So I sit in and silence and only complain on this blog!!
Good luck to you at work tomorrow! Glad you are feeling better and that we can share this recover period journey together. I look forward to seeing how your first day goes!
Take care!

Ok had a minor set back that I wasn't prepared...

Ok had a minor set back that I wasn't prepared for- I woke up to a 2 inch gap in my TT scar. I of course freaked haven't heard anything like this on any of the reviews I've read on here-but apparently it is totally normal and also all patients have some form of this?? Shouldn't the PS or Nurse mention this during one of your pre/post op appointments?? Maybe they did and it went in one ear and out the other?? Who knows!!

If anyone has had this a few words of encouragement would be nice...or advice if anyone has any!! I'm not back to total bed rest until it "repairs"!! Like 2 weeks of that hasn't been enough!! 1 step forward 3 steps back!!

Other than that I'm in great spirits and feel great. Only took pain med because Nurse said I should to calm my nerves!! So I took loritab & xanax!! I will be feeling really good soon! Starting to feel zanax now so to bed I go!!
Hi Cottonmomma,
Was just reading your post updates.. I'm behind the times. So sad you and your husband had a blow out. :( Some of my preop instructions focused on telling us at 1 week we could expect our care giver to crash! Keeping balance is not easy that's for sure. Hope he's in better spirits for you now that your brother is gone. I bet the break helped him out a lot. I'm sure you are dissapointed about the step back. I wish I had some "happy dust" to send your way to make you smile big every time you think about how great you are gonna look when this is all behind you! Hope you feel better soon :) AJ
I never knew about the 1 week care giver crash nor had I ever read about it~ but man my husband was like 4 days in and that was it he was done and over it! Wild isn't it~ Thank God for my kids until my parents showed up a week earlier then they were supposed to come~ ha ha ha ha!!
I agree my dh was by my side day and night untill day 5 then he was done.. lol I was like not only did i birth your children but I am trying to bring sexy back... rub my back! LOL

Well what a difference a day makes in this...

Well what a difference a day makes in this recovery process!!

I feel great so far!! The longer I'm into the recovery the more amazed I am by the human body!! Its ability to bounce back is beyond words. The 2 inch gap I woke up to yesterday actually had a little bit of nice white skin forming already!! Signs of healing!!

The one thing that I'm having to deal with is a rough one-my oldest son has to have his tubes removed for the 2 time and the DR wont let me go to the hospital (Arkansas Children's Hospital) Me with open wounds and all the infections that I would be exposed to.

Not to mention my Mom is very worried about the 3.5 hour drive one way. MY hubby is worried about the stress I will put my self threw-Well thats gonna happen if I'm here or there so there is no relief from that.

I know the surgery is very minor-a total operation time of 8 minutes! Yes minutes-Its just the though that I can't be there for him. My hubby, God love him, isn't the cuddling type and I felt I had to give him the whole lots of love and hugs chat!! He smiled and said I know I will hold him as long as I have to!!
Happy Healing the swelling will be a distant memory soon enough. You look absolutely awesome! Enjoy your new shape.

OK today is much better! My sons surgery went...

OK today is much better! My sons surgery went great and he's back to his old self!! OMG do I wish I could recovery that fast at 42!! Its like he didn't even have a surgery!

If you've read my story you know that I have twin boys! Well the younger one stayed home with me and at exactly 10am he brought me a band aid and said mommy, Boe just got his band aid and he's OK!! Not 2 minutes later my hubby called to say he was out of surgery and all was perfect!! That was the coolest/strangest thing ever. I know they have their own language-but JoJo knew Boe was out of surgery. It was amazing to see their bond inaction. Miles can't keep them apart!!

I'm healing OK!! Getting cabin fever and ready to join the real world and get some darn energy back!! Even going to work hasn't eased the cabin fever?????

Can't believe its been almost 3 weeks. Still another week before I go to Dr for check-up but I want to go now!! Ready for stage 2 binder!
Oh good I am glad he is doing good! My boy had that same thing 2 1/2 weeks same surgery! He did well but still coming out of the sleeping gas or whatever it is~ he was crying and he kept asking if it was over and ah it was really sad~ so I can just it would SO hard for YOU not to be there~ but your heart is there and he can feel it just like your other boy can feel his brother's~ HE knew he was out of surgery and your boy can feel you too! What a hard day! You will be so happy to see him~ Oh I can just feel the hug your going to give that little guy~ one that you don't want to let go of~ well your a GREAT mom~ you stay home and keep healing that's what's important for YOU right now~ don't lose site of that it's not over yet~ xoxo
so neat about the boys!! WOW! It is amazing!
I am glad you are feeling so much better that you are chewing on the restraints...so to speak :D

Well after almost 3 weeks of "normal" recovery...

Well after almost 3 weeks of "normal" recovery I've had a small set back-I have a few incision tears. They look gross and are painful at times-they do let me know when I've done too much for the day.

I can't lie it freaked me out to wake up to this. Its not pretty to see and my hubby had to leave the bathroom and "regroup."

Now props to Dr Shell-He returned the answering service message at 6am when I woke up. He saw me on his lunch hour! Never once made me feel like I was over reacting or taking up his valuable time, as some PS can. He totally understood the mental anxiety that I was going threw, and that was VERY reassuring to me & my husband. Explained what would happen in such detail the only question I had was how till its closed/closing. He said 2 weeks. (during explanation he had said it varies on degree of separation). I in no way feel like this was something the DR did or could have avoided at this point. He also took a culture just to cover all the bases. That made me feel a lot better mentally.

I hate the fact that it will add 2weeks to recovery and I will have to work from home for 10 more days! But I knew all the potential risk of all 3 procedures. You just think/assume they wont happen to you.

I've added pictures so you can see what I'm dealing with.
I have no doubt it will be healed in 2 weeks or so. Just have to have a little more R&R!
Oh my Cotton- You poor thing. Those look painful. How are you feeling? Is your PS concerned about infection, I only asked because they look a little red around the wound. Thinking of ya!
Wow Cotton,

Are you doing oK? Those incisions don't lool good, does Dr. Shell know what could have happened? I hope your doing OK.
DR Shell of course said its "not uncommon" for this to happen! From what I've read it can be caused by simply coughing-have been coughing my lungs out or so it feels-can be caused by PS trying to pull skin too tight-and if there was any kind of bacteria on my skin before surgery-but I washed w/ antibacteria soap for 2 days prior. So it is a wait and see game now. I'm no antibiotics and he ran a culture-results should be back on tues or wends.
The one on my right hip seems to be healing already which I feel means infection-because I started antibiotics on Thursday and Saturday the redness had started to subside. The opening on the left side will take longer it must heal from inside out and DR said thats just a slow process!
He said in 2weeks I should see a HUGE difference!

OK after 3 days of antibiotics I can tell the...

OK after 3 days of antibiotics I can tell the right hip is starting to healing!! :-) It's SORE!! But I can deal with that and long as the wound keeps closing!!

My MAJOR concern is that it looks like there are other areas about ready to explode!

I'm trying my best to keep still and taking xanax to stop the anxiety level that seems to keep building.

I have to say-oddly-that I can still the light at the end of the tunnel!! Even with the the wounds I can tell I will sport a 2 piece next summer at the beach!!

I still stand by the fact the he is a good PS-Just wish he would have taken my 1st phone call a little more seriously than he did-actually it was the nurse that brushed me off I think! I will get to the bottom of that! It took emailing pictures to get any attention from the DR him self!
Make your number one priority be yourself and your body right now. You need rest and healing (and peace). Wound infections can be tricky. Depending on what is cultured from the wound and how the area is responding to the antibiotic you are currently taking, you may want to consult a wound specialist such as an Infectious Disease Doctor. Dont take any chances. My prayers are with you. And no guilt!!!! This is not your fault. xo
I've been getting up to speed on your progress. Wow! Your positive energy and spirit is very inspiring! Glad to hear your feeling better, your son is recovered and you are giving off such a great vibe! Take care.
Hope you are doing better. I couldn't even imagine that happening nor have I ever heard of it. Praying for your speedy recovery.

Well yesterday was way rough! Fever got to 101...

Well yesterday was way rough! Fever got to 101 even with the antibiotics the DR has me on. I now have seroma under my right arm. Its HUGE nubby said it was the size of a softball. I have appt on wends so will wait it out until then-Its a 90 minute drive one way so its still a little rough on me with the incisional dehiscence.

Today is just a day and tomorrow will be better.

I'm exhausted now so I have to sleep! Hope all you lovely ladies are doing extra special today!
Sorry you are having such a rough time, Hope you feel better soon. It's enough to recover but when adding complications, it can be exhausting.
Oh my goodness, I hope you feel better soon! Thinking of you!

I'm feeling better today! But had a fever of 101...

I'm feeling better today! But had a fever of 101 yesterday and that was rough~~I'm trying to stay positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel-but today I feel like I'm gonna be one of those plastic surgery gone wrong photos in the near future!! I know I'm not I just have that feeling today!! Tomorrow will bring a whole new set of emotions~Another part of my incision is tearing apart. So I'm not sure where that's gonna go-I get tried easily so I'm gonna take my meds and crash now!!

I will post again after Dr appointment its Thursday not Wendesday like I thought!! Uggg

Just another day of recovery!! I'll keep smiling!!

Ok let me add some more crappy news to my already...

Ok let me add some more crappy news to my already not so pleasant recovery period-
1) started my period today with horrible craps that literally sent me to my knees. Had to call PS to make sure I could take my muscle relaxers from primary care DR. Thank goodness that was a yes. Now my incision has gotten bigger and can't stop it.

2) My moms tennis partner, whom I've know for 10 years at least, fell here at our home, while playing tennis, and broke her check bone and nose! OMG
3) Last but NOT least ...My dog died of heart attack! RIP Vito I will miss you more than you will know!!

What the heck?? I'm trying so hard to stay positive threw all of this-having a hard time not just crying my eyes out and staying in bed for hours!!
Im sooo worried about you. I really think you should seek medical care from another medical professional. Your local primary care physician may be a good place to start. A wound infection like yours along with a fever and none responsive to oral antibiotics might need IV antibiotics. In my experience, I had severe abdominal pain and blood in my stool after my surgery. I delayed seeing another Med Professional because I felt I already inconvenienced people with an elective surgery of this magnitude. It turned out after my delayed med consult/endoscopy that I had bleeding stomach ulcers which are totally treatable. In retrospect I can say two things 1. I shouldve gone to the doctor sooner and 2. I dont regret my TT surgery. :) Hang in there and please get another doc to look at that wound.
PS has called in another RX and my family member who is an RN said give it a day or two to see which way it goes and then seek outside advice if no rapid improvement. So by Friday I will be seeing my primary care again and get wound care or what ever advice he gives me. To be honest my PC DR is a HOTTIE!! So any excuse to go see him is fine by me- Gotta find levity somewhere in all this mess!! But I will not put up with PS half answers or the fact that its normal that's BS and we both know it. Only 3% of PS cases actually get this side effect and he better pony up some time to answer my long list of questions!
Sorry to hear of the awful chain of events. Thinking of you. I know you're strong and will make it through these challenging times:)

Here's starts another day. I'm scared to see...

Here's starts another day. I'm scared to see what's in store for me.

I know I go to PS tomorrow for culture results and with the way my luck has been going I'm not sure I want to hear them!!

On a good note I am very happy with the way my right hip is FINALLY healing!! I can see more progress each day!! :-)

Not if I can just get the left side to show some small sign of healing I'd feel tons better. DR better have something positive to say in the AM or I may lock the door behind him until he does!! ;-)

I'm still up in the air about posting more pictures as it has gotten worse on the left side-will decide later. They are beyond scarey!

Last.. Thank you ladies for all the support and words of encouragement!! I needed them yesterday and you all pulled htrew like champs!! XOXOXOXOX TO YOU ALL

Have an update on my culture-its abnormal but of...

Have an update on my culture-its abnormal but of course the person who called couldn't tell me crap except that he is calling in another med that I have to start taking ASAP! REALLY!!! Why not let the nurse call at least she could tell me what the heck is going on!! I've been patient for 2weeks and not cussed out a soul--well thats all about to change I think! I've turned my cheek so any times both sides are red!!

As soon as I know I will post more! Sad part this is when I call Vito and get a great big hug to feel better-Funny I have serious medical issue and am still crying over dog! RIP my sweet gentle giant!

OK just my RX!! I have a pretty bad skin...

OK just my RX!! I have a pretty bad skin infection-like the pictures didn't tell me that-so I am now on levaquin (sp).

My questions is this-how long do I give this to work before going to another DR? PS has run all the test/cultures/bloodwork that my research says he should have. My thing is Penny, at the front desk, should have taken this seriously last week when I called not now that my sutures have opened in weeping wounds.......on the fence about what to do...any help ladies--

OK Dr has me on 750mg Levaquin for ten days due to...

OK Dr has me on 750mg Levaquin for ten days due to skin infection!! Like that's some big surprise!! Person calling from his office ,Penny again, couldn't even tell me what was wrong with culture just that he was calling in new script!! He would answer any questions I had at my appointment tomorrow. Kinda of odd making me wait/worry about this over night. Let the nurse call me for Pete's sake! Ugg
I am not a RN or DR but from what I understand you can't get much stronger then levaquin for an antibiotic~ someone can correct me if I am wrong but that must be some heck of an infection~ I can't wait until you go to see him tomorrow~ keeping you in my prayers
Thinking about you CM, you are going through hell at the mo, i am sure things will get better. xxxxx
Glad to hear the one side is doing better~ and no worries about posting more pictures~ for heaven sakes I don't even have a Blog anymore~ AJ and FAITH have great advice for you~ I hope you continue to heal sweetie I will keep praying~ and keep us posted~

Just got back from PS- I have tested positive for...

Just got back from PS- I have tested positive for pseudondomas. Pretty darn serious from what I've read.. Now on Levaquin 750 mg & mynocline 100mg for a while. Super high doses of both.

Have to return to his office every 4 days for the next 3 weeks at least. The thing that pisses me off is he wont give me ANY time frame that this could possibly be getting better by. I don't care if he says 4-6wks just give me a goal to reach for while I'm laid up in bed with nothing but mindless TV- I've tried to read books but meds keep me loopy and arms get tired from seroma, that he wont drain, under right arm.

I am going to Primary tomorrow and letting him know the course of actin PS is taking and see if he does agree. Its the least thing I can do-if nothing to ease my mind and have a2nd opinion! Super exhausted today will post more later

Thanks so much for all the well wishes!!
Hope you got my message...thinking of you!
Yes I did and Thank you so much!! You & the other ladies on this board are an amazing wealth of info and love!!
Omg! You are doing so good by staying positive! Wow. I am so sorry all this has happened. Please keep us posted on your progress. So sorry about your Vito. :( take care

Ok ladies I've been on my infection meds for 48...

Ok ladies I've been on my infection meds for 48 hours and feel better already. I can feel my energy coming back very slowly! But I'm not complaining at all!!

I do feel like my first phone call should have been taken more seriously and this wouldn't have gotten this far-Setting blanket standards that your just fine as long as 1) no smell 2) temp over 102 3) redness around wound site- I had 2 of the 3 and she wasn't concerned because temp never got over 102-reached that but not over 102!!

Funny how nurses on this site saw the infection in the pictures I posted -but DR didn't think it was infected and I sent the same pics to him as I posted here-??? That does raise an eyebrow so to say-

Getting tired gotta rest post more later

Just had to add that I just got out and took a...

Just had to add that I just got out and took a nice 10 minute walk with hubby!! OH SO NICE!! I've been under lock & key for 10 days now-No sunshine (antibiotics) Only major excitement has been driving to PS office and getting out to Kroger and Pizza last weekend! Not whining-but its about to start.

I know the mynoclyline is working-my energy level is threw the roof compared to Mon/Tues. Now let's see what the Levaquin does! Started that yesterday-so I bet it needs a little time to get to working.

Whoever thought I'd miss work? There's only so much TV & reading I can do! (Sermona under arm hard to hold book) Not a big web browser -don't want to know what's out there on what I have-I'd freakout and never stop reading!!

I'm gonna keep on keepin' on! Hope your doing well!
Here's to tomorrow!
Let us know when it finally comes back negative, and we all shall celebrate with you!
Counting the days!

It's a beautiful Sunday and I'm still stuck in...

It's a beautiful Sunday and I'm still stuck in recovery hell. My upbeat attitude is about to be replaced with this sucks!! I'm trying hard not to have a pity party-but its been all most a month and I still have open wounds. Still have tons of questions for the PS and am so drained I can't keep up with the schedule I have this coming week. I have fund raisers that are hard to just walk away from and and I'm the only person at work with any public relations background- so I get to do TV & radio interviews looking like this.

know you've heard others say warning gross pics- ladies this takes gross to a whole new level!

Thanks for all the words of encouragement! Hope my appointment goes well tomorrow!

I've been thinking about posting pic of how this all looks now and I have decided to do it--
Why is it that decided to leave it open? Why not place a drain, if needed for draining, and stitch it back up?
Can't stitch or drain to due to more extreme infections that can develope!
that could/would trap the infection to close it and a drain can introduce the bacteria further into her body.

Ok went to PS yesterday-same old same old on that...

Ok went to PS yesterday-same old same old on that front. Patients and this will heal--easy for him to say! He wont be in front of cameras with breast 2 different sizes! He doesn't have to speak to 100 plus people on Sat, Sun & Mon!

His nurse said and I quote "Getting your hair done will make you feel better." Really???? I know she was trying to be sweet (actually adore her!! kind soul) but getting my hair done isn't gonna make this any better-just make me more tried. One more thing to the list to get done.

I actually had someone ask me why I had to do all of these things-shouldn't I find someone else? Hello its my job I'm the VP of a foundation that raises $$$$$!! The events I'm gearing up for are to collect diapers for families in need and the other is for a faith based rehab center for women. The other is a fund raiser for college scholarships. Now I ask you how am I suppose to walk away from that?

Anyway-I'm going to my Primary care DR today!(Let me just add here that he is total eye candy- 6'3' brown hair blue eyed cutie!!) Gotta get his opinion and make sure he agrees with treatment that PS is doing. Looks like I'm gonna be on antibiotics for at least 2 more weeks! UGGGG! Levaquin isn't a small time antibiotic to take for that long.

Anyway I'll check in later if primary care DR has change of plan. Something tells me he will be beyond PISSED w/ PS!! He is a family friend that my hubby goes fishing & hunting with so there's a bond there most people don't have with their DR!! Plus I love his wife she's sweetheart!!

Today is a great day so far!! I'm looking forward to getting out tomorrow and joining the real world- hair nails & lunch with girlfriend!! I will drive for the 1st time in a month!! I hope its like riding a bike---LOL

OK my DR is going to change my wound care. I feel...

OK my DR is going to change my wound care. I feel like I've cheated on my PS but lets face it 90 minutes one way 2xs a week is way too much to do for the next 4 to 6 weeks. My schedule can't handle it right now and I trust both Drs will work together to make me all better!!

I can't wait to see what PS says on Friday when I see him. Not sure when my DR will chat with him but I hope its before Friday!!
Ok I have severe ADHD--debilitating really ;-)
So I have no idea if ANYONE even mentioned this but it would be due to be repeated anyway--GET PROBIOTICS NOW MAMA!!
OMG I can't even imagine the imbalance going on right now in your poor poor body! I would take 3x the suggested dosage on the probiotic bottle or you can just start drinking kefir and eat yogurts--lots and lots of stonyfield yogurt!

How are you handling the loss of your pet? Have you even had time to grieve? See how painful beauty is!?!? Men have it SOOO EASY!!!
I haven't had time to grieve Vito really. Walk by his grave daily and cry but it hurts so hubby makes me keep going-I don't think the reality of his passing has hit me yet. I do know w/o him I'm up checking on the boys at all hours of the night-he use walk back to their bedroom 3-4 times a night. It was a very endearing trait.
I am so heartbroken for you. Those pics would scare me out of having the surgery if I were still researching! Goodness, girl, I do admire your attitude. You are handling these setbacks with extreme grace. I am keeping you in my prayers. I hope you are healed up soon!

How terribly frustrating, after you were having such a great early recovery! Does your PS expect to have to do scar revisions after the infections cleared up?

I feel really good today since I had a full plate...

I feel really good today since I had a full plate yesterday! MY PR day went well. I'm swollen like I was expecting to be. I go to my DR today and they are changing the type of wound care. I think I'm going to wet/wet instead of wet/dry. Not too sure will find out when I get there!! I'm still worried about stopping the Levaquin. I want the infection GONE-if that means staying on it and dealing with the side effects later I'm good with that.

I did have a turning point I slept in my own bed all night long!! Only had a few moments of OUCH!! But I loved being next to hubby!! Poor guy is still scared to really hold me-I told him I wasn't fine china. I guess when you know someone has open wounds like I do its kind of a turn off~Not sure how I'd act if I had to change bandages for him like the ones I have. He's hung in there like a trooper only had to "sit down a minute" two times.

I really am trying to keep an upbeat attitude-but this is a much longer road than I had mentally prepared myself for. I am 31 days post op with rather large open wounds and my right breast is still swollen and under my arm hurts like heck...at times it hurts more than the wounds do. MY PC said 4-6 weeks before I will return to normal-Now I have to plan birthday party for boys and all that goes with that dressing like bag lady who doesn't know the difference between Wrangler & Burberry!!

I do go to the PS tomorrow. I'm not sure how that appointment is going to go. I hope that he understands I can't keep driving 3hrs round trip twice a week for him to take 10 minutes (at most) checking my wounds. This is the start of our crazy time of the year so...PS doesn't have much of a choice nor do I.

It's going to be a long weekend for me-the fund raiser goes sat/sun & mon so I bet I'm back in bed on tuesday.

Hang in there ladies!! Even thought I know how serious my infection is...I can see the final result at times and that gets me threw the day!!

Added pictures! Warning gross!!!!!

added pictures! Warning gross!!!!!
I can see it's getting better~ I am still on wet to dry and i still see a lot of yellow oh it seems like a long road. I think your hole it starting to heal from the inside out~ YEAH~ Oh Thank GOD~ You have so many activities coming up sweetie~ oh that worries me for you~ are you taking in enough protein and probiotics? It's SO IMPORTANT~ I know you can't help all your activities~ but try to rest in between as much as you can~ : ) your still my inspiration : ) Amazing Attitude
Good Luck ahead with your busy weekend and hoping your Dr visits go well for you.. Your in my thoughts lots, healing thoughts your way !!! :)
Thank you! Trying to stay positive but today its been hard for some reason!

Sorry ladies I didn't know it had been that long...

Sorry ladies I didn't know it had been that long since I updated-Same ole same ole here. Recovery is slow but steady.

My Dr added bactrium to my ever grow list of antibiotics and he thinks next step is wound care DR-some kind of oxygen chamber that makes you heal faster? I'm all for it if it makes me heal faster! You know things aren't so good when your DR wants to hold hands and say a prayer!! Like I haven't been already!!! Tuesday will be the day I know I have to go get IV antibiotics or that oxygen chamber I thing they will be intermingled if I do!

Hubby finally broke down on me and admitted he's so scared he doesn't know what to do-like I'm not??? Said sorry for most of his meanness~of course its still my fault I had the surgery.

Had plenty of energy for the weekend of events so far...Monday is the big day!!

I even (drum roll please) went to see a movie!! The Help is a wonderful movie!! laughed & cried but just loved it! Hate the fat that we as a nation where ever that racial divided! I hope we can stop seeing in color, race, sex or creed one day and see only the beautifulness that is is very body!!

Just want to say THANK YOU to the lovely ladies who have sent me private messages!! Its a very lonely time right now and its nice to know theirs someone out there actually reading my blog!!
Oh sweetie.....Your strength and positivity is so amazing. I am quite literally in awe of you. wishing you continued strength and recovery. Thank you for taking us along with your journey. Wr are here to support you.

Well I made it threw the weekend of events!!! We...

Well I made it threw the weekend of events!!! We raised over 2000 diapers for needed families in our area!! Not sure about the cash donations!! They are still walking around the grounds and selling drinks so I'll get that total later!

Thats just wonderful considering that mother nature didn't really wanna play with us!! Very windy and a bit chilly today and rained all day yesterday!

I'm feeling pretty good today, but still lower energy than I'd like. DR Shell actually called on his day off!! He had received my culture results and they are NEGATIVE for pseudomonas!! If I could I would do a cartwheel without injury I'd do 20 of them!!!! Now its just getting these darn wounds to close!! Looking like hyperbaratric chamber maybe next step!! If its gonna make me heal faster I'm all for it!! Will find out in the AM if that's what DR wants me to do- PS says can't hurt DR is leaning for towards me doing it I feel!

Hope all is well and your all enjoying your LONG weekend!!

Here's to being infection free for 1st time in 31 days!!
Congratulations!! I am so excited to hear you finally got some good news! That is wonderful. Your positive attitude is so inspiring. I have been reading your blog all along and praying for your recovery.
I have been following you on your journey and am just amazed by your toughness. You are beautiful
Thank-you! I have to say keeping upbeat is getting a little harder by the day!! I'm hoping planning boys b-day party for 9-11 will keep me smiling this week!

I have to admit to you lovely ladies that my...

I have to admit to you lovely ladies that my upbeat attitude is starting to wear think these days!

I have been trapped in this house for what seems like months and I've got another 2 weeks at a bare minimum!

I know I'm healing but I'm running out of patients! I miss holding my boys and my hubby- I miss being able to go for a long walks to clear my head and just the daily things I took for granted before this all happened. People treat me like I will break if they say something negative or if they try to hug me!! Drives me crazy!

I go to PS tomorrow so I'll post more then!! I actually get sometime off for good behavior. I get to have lunch with one of my girlfriends so that will hopefully lift my spirits! She actually has NO idea I've had surgery or that I'm in the shape I'm in. She's a detective so I figure her job is stressful enough-no need to add to it! I just hope to get threw lunch w/o adding more stress to her day!

Good night ladies here's to hoping my blues fly away in the night!!
Good Luck....here's to wishing you good news tomorrow.
Oh my goodness CottonMomma...
You have been so strong and have gone through so much. I don't know your friend, but I used to be a cop and I don't care how stressful work was, if one of my girls was struggling the way you have been I would WANT TO KNOW. I wish you the BEST of luck tomorrow at your PS appointment and PLEASE enjoy your lunch with your friend. Confide in your loved ones dear. Keep your chin up, you are doing an amazing job!

: ) Hugs

I just want to say Thanks to for all the wonderful...

I just want to say Thanks to for all the wonderful words of encouragement that you wonderful ladies have sent me and all the prayers! they must be working!!

I went to PS today and he is VERY pleased with how fast I'm healing! Now that I'm infection free I can tell my body is ready to start healing properly! My right hip is looking really good. The left is still a mangled mess-but improving slowly. His nurse is the most precious thing ever! She always comments on how tough/positive I've been threw it all! I guess I just don't see any other way to get threw but to see the bright side of it all!

I don't have to wear my binder any more!! I plan on wearing during the day for the next few days~just don't feel comfortable going cold turkey! But I will burn those suckers in 2 weeks time!

My lunch went great! I told my friend all about what happened and she told me her father had been in the hospital (he has serious heart failure) and we both agreed NOT to keep things from each other any more~after all that's what friends are for! (Great now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all night I can already tell! Sorry to anyone else now singing that melody.)

I'm adding the pictures I took this AM before PS appointment! Just so you can see the progress for your self.

Hope all is well with all you ladies! Here's to healing fast!
So happy to read that you are turning the corner to better days ahead!!!
Hey you~ have a GREAT lunch today BIG HUGS (( ))
xoxoxoxox sweetie! Hope you recovery is going smoothly!

To fellow MM'ss EVERYWHERE: After all I've been...

To fellow MM'ss EVERYWHERE: After all I've been threw with my recovery I made a HUGE mistake last night I ate at Benihana and I'm paying for it today!! Not sure if it was the sodium or MSG-my boobs & belly hurt-but even my face is swollen. I was craving it and honestly didn't even think about the sodium~as its been 6 weeks since surgery. I wont make that mistake again! I'm hoping having a busy day I will "walk" it off! But we'll see...

On the recovery front pretty much the same! PS said I could go binder free-again not a good idea just yet-while sleeping its OK-but up and chasing 3year old twins not so good. I have 3 or 4 more days of antibitiocs to choke down and I'm thrilled about that! Hate taking pills always have and I'm SO glad I can see the bottom of the pill bottles!

Getting very excited about the boys B-day party tomorrow! I had mixed emotions when I knew they would be born on 9/11~Now I'm proud that they where born on on Patriots Day!! They need to know they live in a country they should be proud of everyday! I always think about the poor people who lost there lives on that day! From NYC to the Pentagon to the field in PN! And all the brave soldiers since! God Bless this country and keep us safe!
MarineMom I'm thinking of you.....
Sorry c/m, i thought it was your b/day, a big happy b/day to your boys. xxxx hope you are ok, xx
Hi CottonMomma, I hope you are feeling better and your swelling is going down. Drink A TON of water for several days.
Happy Birthday to your boys! I hope you enjoy some family time.
God Bless.

Well it was a very long weekend for me!! I had a...

Well it was a very long weekend for me!! I had a wedding for 125 people on Saturday with a very last minute demanding bride and then my sons b-day bash with 50 or so guest on Sunday!! Not to mention In-Laws for the weekend!! It seemed to be never ending and I was at the end of my rope when I put the boys down last night! I'm not famous for my patients anyway, but I had had it up to my eyeballs at 8pm last night! The one good thing is I think I walked/carried all the swelling from Benihanas' off! I'm close to No swell hell! At least I'm at a comfy level!

I am healing great on my right hip!! *smile face inserted here* It has been an open wound for 5 weeks now so to see it ALMOST closed its awesome!! Now my left hip is another story all together!! Its such a slow process with, what I call the "hole", it is closing its just sooooo slow!! I don't think I ever told you ladies how big that gap was-it is longer than my iphone & deeper than half my pinkie finger when it opened!!

I feel much better and healing slow!! PS was very pleased with rate they are closing & my ability to keep my wound clean! I just can't wait to put on my favorite old jeans & rock them out!! If they still fit!!
CottonMomma I am so sorry to see that you are having such issues with your healing process! That is tough enough without having to parent 2 very active little people! I am sending you fast healing vibes.
Hey, I was wondering how you are doing? I keep thinking about you and forget to ask. I hope all is well

I just changed my bandages and I have to say for...

I just changed my bandages and I have to say for the first time "my gap" on the right side is truly showing sings of closing up!!! I could just cry with joy!! I have been seeing the light at the end of, I have to add, very long tunnel!! I have been trying to post pics every week so I'm going to wait until Thursday to post pictures!! Hopefully by then you'll really see a change!! I don't wont to get ahead of myself, its been a long journey from 8/1 till today!! 35 days but who's still counting at this point? ME!!! ;-) But it couldn't happen at a better time-was having a blue day but now its all good!! Well at least getting better!

Here's to healing!!
I couldn't agree with your review more, your PS should have been more compassionate towards you especially when the scar was opening up. It's a terrifying thought let alone when it happens. He should had you in there to look at it and reassure you that it would heal fine. You're a busy girl so keep that binder handy. I'm still finding that I need a garment of some kind on really busy days. If you like fresh pineapple eat bunches to help you heal quicker. I'll check back on you but for now you are looking fabulous!
Glad to hear that last spot is closing up. Yea!!!!
Good news! Looking forward to seeing your pics on Thursday!

Hi ladies!! I went to PS yesterday and all is...

Hi ladies!!
I went to PS yesterday and all is well!! I'm healing better than he expected and I'm happy with that!! I now get to go every 2 weeks instead of weekly!! Happy about that!! He also said if any revision is needed it will be free!! It should be was my 1st thought-but I realized he was trying to be nice-so I smiled real big like he was doing me a favor!

I do have to say that I'm ready for real clothes!! I tried to put on my fat girl jeans and they fit!! I could button them and everything!! I was trying to look "cute" for a concern on wends night and I was too scared to wear them for 4 hours!! Kept thinking that the jeans would rub my wounds too bad so I went w/ another outfit!! Not my best look for an 80's rock concert!! (NIGHT RANGER/FOREIGNER/JOURNEY) But I had a great time so that's all the matters!! I have to admit it did make me jealous that I couldn't rock out my old Burberry jeans that I was planning on wearing!! I just kept saying that the next time I wear them I'll look way hot and spanx free!! (fingers crossed as I type that one)

I have added the pictures I said I would! I'd love to hear your feed back about if you ladies can tell its healing as well as I think it is...be honest ladies its what I need!!

Here's to the final phase of my recovery---I hope!!!!
Good news. So happy for you! And I can tell a huge difference in the wound. It is way smaller. Good luck and happy healing! XO

I had a long weekend!! Sick hubby & boys!! I was...

I had a long weekend!! Sick hubby & boys!! I was totally surprised that I didn't get the bug!! I guess the extra long dose of Levaquin has continued to do its job!!

I'm still healing!! Starting to think that this will be never ending!!

I just booked a trip to FLA to see my brother and I'm hoping that I will be able to swim with the boys while I'm there!! I will probably hate myself for putting this on my plate-but I've got to get back to real life!! My family has kept me bed/home bound for most of my recovery! Other than the events that I HAD to do!! Gotta love them!! But I'm ready to start going & doing!! My homebound life is getting on my nerves!! I'm use to going and doing 24/7 and that isn't going to change with this recovery!!

My wounds are closing by the day! That's a good thing. I can't wait to go 24 hours w/o having to change a bandage or clean a wound!! I'm hoping my the 29th, next PS appointment, they will be fully closed, or close enough to count!!

Gotta go pack for an overnight trip to see my sick Uncle! Long day yesterday and I'm not looking forward to a 3 hour trip in the car!! I hurt today and I'm not use to that lately!! I thought I was past the pain pill during the day! Kinda feels like a step back!! But I'll take it!! I still have a gapping wound & I need to get that threw my head!!

Best of luck ladies!!
Cottonmomma, so glad to hear that you are healing well. You are looking great.

Here I Am, so sorry to hear that you are down, sending happy thoughts and prayers your way. Hang in there!
Thank you ccc that really means alot and I am SO happy for you Cotton~ I don't know why but it keeps getting bigger~ Oh please keep praying~
Did this happen to you too cotton keeps getting bigger before healing?

I know its been a few days, since I posted last,...

I know its been a few days, since I posted last, but its been a busy week on the office & home front!

I'm healing well still! I'm excited that on my next check-up PS will allow me to start my walking/jogging again!! I'm not much on the gym so I walk around our neighborhood. I'm so ready to start my old routine again. It's been a really long 8 weeks! (on Monday it will be 8 weeks) I was prepared for a long recovery just not being home bound for the whole recovery process!! I was jumping up & down yesterday when I actually put on my old skinny jeans and wore them all day with no problem!! I did have spanx on under them! I'm slowly joining the "real world" ,by that I mean, doing my daily routine at home and going to do all the shopping alone and carrying in the all the bags myself!! That's been a nice slice of independence!! I've had good energy for about 2.5 weeks, but I was worried to do too much that would put a strain on my open wounds. There looking really good and thats giving my confidence to do ALOT more. I don't even flinch when someone walks by me or when the boys jump on the bed!! I pray the worst is behind me now!! I still hate the swell hell but its easy compared to the wound repairing and having to change bandages 2-3x's a day! I still have to change bandages 2x"s daily-but I hope it will be over soon! Just staring to wonder when PS can do scar revision for me!! Missed bikini this summer (knew that going in) but don't want to miss it next year!! Sounds like I need to start new question list for next weeks check-up!! :-)

Have a great weekend ladies!! I hope your all healing well!!
Hey cottonmomma, SO glad to hear your wounds are healing! I know what a relief that is! Yayyyyyy. Mine are closed finally, it happened today. for the first time since they opened my "dressing" was dry!!!! Yayyyy for me too!
I wish my dressings where dry!! I'm almost there!! Its been a long road hasn't it???
"Skinny Jeans!!!" You go Girl! So happy to hear you are doing much better!

Hi ladies!! I totally forgot to post pictures on...

Hi ladies!! I totally forgot to post pictures on Friday as been my norm!! So here they are!!

I'm worried that I've been so swollen for sooo long that my TT isn't going to be as flat as is should be..or as I want it to be I should say!! My breast are still swollen right more than left one. PS says implants haven't settled yet?? It's been 8 weeks today!! I thought they would be more settled by now?? That's getting getting on my nerves already!! I've pretty patient threw all of this I think-but its time to be healed already!! I expect the swelling to last awhile longer but not the implants....
Cotton- wow just read thru yr blog. You've certainly been thru a lot to put it mildly! Glad you are healing? Are they closed yet? Was pleasesd to see it didnt end up being the bad infection. That is too scary.

I'm dealing w/ an open wound too which is how I found yr blog. Thanks for writing & posting pics. I appreciate it. It helps knowing others have gone thru the same thing. I so understand the down days and being stir crazy watching tv. I'm on day 50 and am just so tired of missing my life. I'm pretty sore and don't get around well yet. I had an extended TT so they went all the way around & my back drives me crazy. Hard to sit & get around. But I know this too shall pass and then we can enjoy our new bodies. For now it's just one day at a time.

Hey did he ever drain the seroma under your arm? Why didn't he just do it when he found it? Sounded awful dealing with that too!
Hi Puggymom!! I'm sorry you've been down for so long!! I was down a total of 62 days!! Being back in the land of the living is awesome!!
The infection I had was pseudomas and it was AWFUL!! The fever & chills being the worst part! But that's in the past where I'd like it to stay!!
My PS never drained under my arm-due to infection I had! It actually went away on its own!! One bright spot of my recovery!
I was cleared at day 62 to resume "normal" activity! With 3 year old twins normal is a relative term!
I hope your healing well! You will get threw this I promise!! And life is good when you return to it!!
Hi Cotton.. been reading your blog, glad you are feeling so much better! Its great to get back to the real world!!

Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile...I've...

Hi ladies! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile...I've been to the beach and back literally! It was just what I needed to push myself back into a normal routine with the boys! The only bad part was that I still have major swelling and a few open wounds but nothing that stopped me from being active and spending time in the pool!
I do regret that I'm not in a bikini yet!! After 9 weeks I thought I'd have less swelling but its still awful and gets worse threw the day!! At night I look like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float!! but this to shall pass I know!!
My boobs, more the left vs. right, actually fell like they are trying to "fall/settle"...I'm not sure about all of this "falling/settling' stuff. Some PS say you get instant results and others say wait it out.... could someone please make up their minds already?? Will they fall or wont they??? I hate to think that making it threw everything I might have to re-do the BA???
I have pics but not uploaded yet! Have pictures from trip that I have to upload so it will happen soon!
I hope you are all doing well! I can't wait to go outside and play!! The weather is wonderful here today!! 85/52 and sunny!!

Here are my week 11 pics!! Crazy 11 weeks!! 11...

Here are my week 11 pics!! Crazy 11 weeks!! 11 weeks tomorrow!!
Hey Cotton! Sounds like you're feeling better. I am feeling better and swelling finally starting to go down but I'm like you, there's still alot of it. My incisions are getting much better. I am using this silverlon dressing Dr gave me. It's been great, finally healing. I didn't have as hard a time as you did, I nvever developed any kind of infection. I haven't even discussed my breast with Dr because I'm trying to focus on healing my wounds and the draining. I have started drinking like 8 bottles of water each day and cut out my diet cola's and this has really helped the swelling. I wonder what we will do about my breast being uneven. I'm really not sure what we will do. I wish I would have gotten bigger implants but I know I would have to pay for this and I just can't do that right now. I have no idea how we will handle the uneven breasts without having to go back under which would mean I would probably have to pay for the facility and anesthesia and I don't want to have to do that. Oh well, I guess we'll worry about that later but I do feel like he will do whatever he can to make it right. So are you visiting you're brother?
Hi Lambert!! I'm glad your doing better. That silverlon stuff he uses is awesome!! I swear it made me heal a lot faster!! I wish I could cut out my sodas like you!! Must have caffeine!! I drink between 80-100 ounces of water a day so its not lack of water thats making me swell! Seeing my brother was great!! Had a good time!! Love visiting FLA not sure I could live there. Totally different way of doing things!
I'm ready to talk to Dr about BA! Its been 11 weeks and still haven't dropped a bit on the right side!! Trying to be patient but running low on that these days! Chat soon

OK PS gave me the OK to start working out agian!!...

OK PS gave me the OK to start working out agian!! Yeppie!! I have been walking 2.5 miles 5 times a week for 2 weeks now and can't jog one step!! I get a burning/stabbing feeling in my flank area where I got lipo'ed!! Has anyone else had this problem? I just want to jog like quarter of a mile. Flustrating!! Ready to get tone again and having hard time with it!

Everything else is great! Still have an openig in left hip~ but its slowly closing up! My right implant is starting to "fall" into place I think!! After swimming in FLA for 8 days I don't think it had a choice!!

Hope your all doing great!!

After all I've been threw with this MM I can't...

After all I've been threw with this MM I can't believe that 13 weeks out I'm just now worried about how bad this sacar is going to be. I truly look like the bride of Frankenstein now. I just looked at my 11 week photos and compared to the rest of you lovely ladies I look awful and am starting to think a bikini may never be in my future!
I've tried to be patient for the final results-but its getting harder everyday. Went to PS last Thursday and he said right breast will have to be fixed a little~can be done in office under local. I knew that was coming. But my TT scar is looking gross and hard. Areas of it are great- oddly the areas that had the worst opening are healing nicely enough. The middle part is hard and rough and just plain gross to look at. PS said it would soften up some and not to worry about revision until I'm healed.
He cleared me to workout-but my wound I call the "gap" opened back up on the 5 or 6 day of exercise. He said to keep at it-its hard to workout when you know there's a open wound around your pubic area.....I feel no pain when I walk but when I start to jog OMG the burning down my leg is crazy! PS said its from lipo and it will get better...
I'm going to post picutres later today so you can see what I'm worried about-
Hope your all doing well on your journeys!!
I am so sorry for all your going through~ I think sometimes it's so hard to read about everybody's eles's great results I have been not reading as much her~ it's makes me more depressed ~ I wish we lived closer I owe you the biggest HUG ever~ you have gotten me through so much~ thanks for being my there by my side each step of the way~ I still have my opening I call it my BBAH (Big bad ass hole) my other two closed and this one we just found another infected stitch in it and I'm back on antibiotic's and NOW we are FINALLY starting to see some positive progress~ I have 3 more very small holes that are closing quickly after the stitch came out~ thank you for always posting and keeping us updated~ most of the time I feel like your writing my life~ the horrible itching and burning on the legs~ holy moly~ it's unmanageable ~ well your such a blessing to me and I know to many other here and you deserve to be in a Bikini and I am going to hope for YOU will get there at the end of all this! You really have an amazing figure and are SO pretty I know it's going to take more time and more surgery~ UGH~ but you will get there~ xoxooxox
Thanks so much for the words of encouragement! I'm right with you on not reading/posting here as much! It's depressing! I wish all the ladies here nothing but a speedy and glitch free recovery!! But I also wish that for me~a little late!
I'm so glad your finally healing! I can't believe your on antibiotics AGAIN!! I know it will be worth it in the end......so where's the ending....

Sorry it took me so long to get these posted!!...

Sorry it took me so long to get these posted!! Have a great day ladies!!
As always keeping it undecided until I'm totally healed and swelling is gone! After 13 weeks its getting hard to not click the NOT WORTH IT!!
Cottonmomma~ How are you doing now? Did "the gap" close back up? I am at 13 weeks and still have openings on my bikini line. I wouldn't want to work out either w/ them open. I hate showering w/ them open! Quite the long journey for you and I get it. Still struggling myself though my wound is finally closing. Maybe 2 more weeks to go. I'm hoping. Still having issues w/ my back. Can't drive yet or go back to work yet. I'm self-employed so at least that isn't my biggest thing to worry about. I posted pics of my wound issues if you want to see them. It's nice watching them shrink at least.

I keep getting asked if I am happy I had this done. My results have been great but I need my body to heal before I can really say yes. I'm still too uncomfortable most days but am believing and having faith that I WILL heal in both the front and my back. And it helps seeing posts like yours to know that healing does occur.

Hope your life is better than ever :)
Than you Puggymom! That's a very sweet thing to say! Things in my life seems to always be crazy but with twin boys I'm getting use to it.

I've had people ask me if I'd do all this again and when I say yes they freakout on me. I have 2 reason: 1) The odds of getting the type of infection I did 1st time around are in my favor 2) The results, even thought I'm NOT done yet, are awesome. I wasn't looking to be a VS model just get a body I could feel good about! Even thought I know I have scar revison to go, I'm happy with my MM. I'd do it again.

I'm going to check out your pics now!!

Heal quickly and be patient! I know its a rough journey! I'm here if you need support!
Glad you are doing so well. It is encouraging since you are several weeks ahead of me to know you are getting better and better. Awesome that you are able to keep working out. I'm going to stick to just walking most of the time for gaining strength and exercise. Later on I'll work on other kinds.

I understand why you'd do it again. Even w/ all the issues we've both faced it is bad in the short term and great in the long term. Seeing no massive stomach every day is awesome! Watching my clothes slide on easily is pretty cool too.

Keep up the good work and know I am here for you too :)

Hi ladies its been a while since I updated. I'm...

Hi ladies its been a while since I updated. I'm working out 5 days a week and feeling almost like my old self workingout! Its very welcomed. I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to be working out again.

The swelling is FINALLY starting to go down. I'm still very swollen around TT scar and hips from lipo. I'm sick of the compression garments. I had MM to avoid their useage all together.....I guess a few more weeks wont hurt. PS said I could go without it a few weeks back, but I'm hanging in there until the swelling has subsided a bit and I don't re-open wounds while working out. (don't worry ladies PS said its OK for small openings to reoccur-keep workingout)

Life is crazy busy here. Gearing up for Christmas Parade. I had the lovely idea of entering a float?? What was I thinking????
Not in just one parade-but 3!!! The 1st one is on 11/26 just days after Thanksgiving-no black Friday shopping for me....

I have one question how long after BA can you wear bras with a wire in them? Almost ready to get some pretty new ones!!

I have new pics I will post later haven't downloaded to computer yet!
Glad to hear you're feeling better. It's amazing what working out does to help to feel "normal". Sounds like you're going to be busy busy busy in the next couple weeks! My PS gave to ok to whatever kind of bra's I wanted 3 weeks post op. I know every PS has their own opinion, and I'm sure everybody heals at different rates too. So I'd check with your PS to get their reccomendation. i do love wearing normal bra's though. :) good luck!
I'm so Happy to hear you are doing better! My PS's nurse told me no underwires for 3 months when I had my preop teaching. As it's turned out my left side is still a little higher than my right and so my PS has said none for me for awhile. He'll let me know when it's ok :) I totally understand though, I did buy two pretty lacey sheer underwires a week ago. They look so nice on. I will wear them a little here and there because I'm so tired of cami's and sports bra's :( Again so Happy to hear you are getting back to your normal life. Hope your Holidays are Wonderful!

Just added new pictures! have a great weekend ladies!

Just added new pictures! have a great weekend ladies!
havent had a post from you in a while..hope all is well and your healing continues! happy holidays!

You look great! I can't believe you're doing floats in three parades. You're ambitious.

I think the rule of thumb for underwire bras after a BA is two months.


I had no clue it had been almost 2 months since...

I had no clue it had been almost 2 months since I've updated!!

The holidays went by very fast and I'm ready for 2012!!

My recovery is going well! I still have very tender areas on my hips and swelling around TT scar on busy days! I still have stabbing pains around lipo area when I jog. Hoping that stops soons! I've been power walking like a mad women and don't feel I get the same results versus joggin! Oh well! Its making me try new exercises so its not all bad.

I'm still happy with my results!! The scar gets better everyday. I know I still have some revision to do on breast and TT scar from seperation isssues but over all its all good! My jeans fit the way the should for the level of exercise I do and that mkaes me happy! Before muffin top removal I
hated my self in jeans!! Now even my super-skinny jeans fit awesome!!

Take care ladies!!
Glad to hear you are well on your way to a full recovery!! :)

Wow time flies!! I'm sorry I haven't posted in...

Wow time flies!! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile-but life just happens doesn't it?

I'm now 5 1/2 months post op and totally back to normal! I still have areas of numbness but they seem to be getting better! My TT scar is finally starting to fade! I was a bit worried about it! I still have minor breast revision, due to prolonged swelling under my arm, but I love it so far!! My jeans fit the way they where to fit and I don't miss the spanx at all!

I've had people ask me if I'd do it again? YES! A thousand times YES!! I have much more self esteem and love the way my clothes are starting to fit me!! My recovery was much longer than I ever expected it to be-Thank You pseudomas!

I know how invaluable pictures are so I will post newones when I get home!!
Take care ladies!!
Wow! Thank God your doing better. I know your recovering well but I still prayed for you.
Man i was on the edge of my chair reading your review.. the pics were awesome and informing! Im glad you finnally got the results you wanted!
TY it was a long journey! But I'm very happy with my results! Now I'm on to BBL!

Long time gone!

Wow I can't believe its been 2 years since I last updated this review! My recovery was a very long one but worth it! My life has changed so much since my makeover! ALL FOR THE BETTER I might add! I'm adding pictures of how I look today!
Ladies if you are thinking about or planning this surgery please know that it is worth it!! Please do your research and make sure you relay your wishes to your DR! He or she cannot read your mind! I don't care what anyone else says wish pics are your friend! The DR may not be able to achieve them-but at least they have an idea of what you expect out of them! Communication is key!
All the best ladies!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! RS is an amazing place for support and recovery! My journey would have been much more lonely had I not had the beautiful ladies on this site!!

More pics!

Me again!
glad u doing great n that you happy with your results, may i asked did they ever say where did the infection came from how he did not noticed as soon as he saw the pictures as soon as i saw the pic i knew it was n infection you had a sign when the fever started and they do nothing how was it what was their explanation? at least you just look beautiful and the is all behind best of luck on you new journey!!
You've been through it all! You look great. :)
Wow! Looks like your recovery stage was a tough one. But as strong women, we can get through anything. You look great!
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

His wait times pre-op kinda sucked-but post=op was right there didn't have to wait!! They've been great answering all questions-but I think he should see you weekly after surgery. I saw him 3 days post then 1wk 3days post and now waiting 2wks to see him again. I think there should have been an appointment this week if nothing but to ease my anxiety! To prove my point of PS seeing patient sooner- I did get an infection that I feel wouldn't have happened if he had seen me a few days earlier! I still think he is a thoughtful PS-but should have been on top of my concerns a little more!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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