2-weeks later and no difference - Melbourne, FL

Had Xeomin 2 weeks ago and still no difference....

Had Xeomin 2 weeks ago and still no difference. Went back to Dr. Guy and she offered to do it over for half price. I'm not sure that's such a good deal...

Dr. Guy

I'm had other procedures done by Dr. Guy and was very satisfied with the results..this time I was disappointed. She offered to do it again for half price...I'm not sure if that's a good deal or not.

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Dr Guy did a great job with my facelift .. After that I went for Botox one of med office woman held needle in a way I couldn't see .. Then I ask can I see she then showed me a little needle with no logos it was a very little serange with lines and numbers. Something was not right. Never went back did till and I hope she doesn't work there anymore.
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I have zero results from xeomin and paid nearly $600 for it. The doctor, Robin Fleck of Prescott, AZ offered no retouching or reduced pricing on my investment, which is very disappointing. She wanted me to give her another $180 to "fix" it. I only wanted the 11's treated so all of the units injected in between my eyes and a few in other areas near that area. I was completely ripped off and won't ever go back to her. She charges $8 per unit and to see no results is ridiculous. She told me before I had it she guaranteed her work, but didn't and wouldn't. I am furious and either the product is ineffective or she was injecting my saline. To have that much product injected without results very upsetting and I am considering filing a complaint to AMA. I would stick with Botox and a doctor who will retouch areas that need it for no additional charge, which all reputable doctors offer.
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Dr. Guy should have offered to fix this for free. Xeoman & Botox are usually $10-$15/unit, if you had $395 that's around 28 units. My forehead takes 12 units, entire face around 28 units. You should have seen something. I would go back to my old doctor or find another that is well recommended. You spent way too much money to see nothing.
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After having had both Botox and Dysport multiple times throughout the past 6 years, Botox & Dysport began to grow less effective in lower dosages. I've responded very well to Xeomin. I think what's important is where it's injected and how much - after a doctor becomes familiar with how you respond to it, dosage can be adjusted. The other thing that should be discussed with the injector is how strong or paralyzed you would like that muscle to be. Sometimes injectors remain on the safe side to prevent the effects from looking unnatural. Sure, they can always use "more" to obtain a more dramatic result - however, after a certain volume is used there are higher chances of side effects - i.e.; eyes to "wide open", drooping eye lids, impaired speech if used around the mouth; and not to mention, using too much can cause migration to unwanted areas. May be a good idea to discuss with both your doctors how many units were used and keep notes on what makes you happy.
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I'm sorry to hear you didn't see results. Have you used anything like this before (ie Botox or Dysport)?

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Yes, I've had Botox several times before (with a different Dr.) with great results. Dr. Guy's office called on Thursday and asked if I wanted to do it over for "full" price and I refused. I'm going to wait a while and go back to my other Dr. for botox.
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Yeah, I don't blame you for not wanting to pay for it again. It is a little odd you didn't see any results though. If it were me, I would call the previous doctor you had and find out how much Botox was used, then I would ask the same question of Dr. Guy's office. Perhaps different amounts were used???

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