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Another Bad Bleph - Just Wanted a Little Skin Removed

I just wanted a little skin removed. when I woke...

i just wanted a little skin removed. when I woke up I knew something wasn't right because of the area of pain was way more than I thought it should have been. I felt like the orbits had been eviscerated. She scooped all fat and too much skin. One eye is bigger than the other and I look like Popeye on one side and droopy brow on the other. It's like the lift was done backwards. The lids were liftedup near the nose and pulled in towards the nose. It looks harsh.

Don't believe the esthetician either. I said I don't know if her style was right for me and she assured me that I would look so much better when she was done. Don't know how to fix it and wish I had never had it done. Should have asked around more.

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Sunken and doesn't look natural. Should have asked around more.

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Look up Dr. Nathan Newman
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What happened to the photos?
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how long ago was your procedure? Was it 7 years or when? I dont understand you have a lot of dates. If this is recent then you are still swollen give it time.
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The procedure was 7 years ago. It would have been more helpful if photos were in sequential order. The 15 years ago photo was an example of what I had hoped to at least resemble. As you can see in the first picture, the most recent, the eyes are very deeply set or sunken all around, the eye brow is much lower and the eyes look closer to the nose. When I smile there are deep pockets at the outside corners of the eyes from one of the areas that too much fat was removed. Time has made it so the scars are not so visible. They were too high and quite apparent. I no longer look like the same person. The basic shape of the eyes were changed from almond to round. Instead of a pleasing improvement I got a complete change in my appearance. At a follow up appt I asked the nurse who worked there at the time what she did because it was not what I expected and the pain had really been intense afterwards too. She said the Dr only took off skin. It was very apparent that was not true. As another patient of this doctor said I was put off with give it time and it looks fine. Eventually she did offer to make an adjustment but would take out more fat,tissue and muscle. Too much had already been taken out. So I never went back. It absolutely ruined my eyes. I have been looking into fat injections to hopefully fix the outside areas at least but the rest can never be put back. I am so disappointed and still angry about it.
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