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Now not sure if the implant is infected or if I...

Now not sure if the implant is infected or if I just have a staph infection. Just came out of the hospital for 4 days...on IV antibiotics. They sent me home on pill form zyvox 600mg. Had a skin reaction and very very bad headaches. Now have given me the choice of Docxcline 100mg or Augmention 875/125. Which one should I be taking, My breast are red and hot. No fever. White blood count is normal. All testing came back good except that I have the staph infection. Does this normally clear up or it own? And how long? Or will I need to remove them? IF so how soon? How long should I give the antibiotics? Thank you!

Sorry to hear of your post surgery infection. I would definitely take the full course of antibiotics if that is what your doctor prescribed. You may start to feel better but you need to finish all the antibiotics so the infection does not return.

Here is a link from our RealSelf Doctor Q&A regarding post surgery infections. The situation may not be exactly your situation, but it may provide you with some things to watch for:

Staph Aureus 4 Weeks Post-op Breast Augmentation.

Please stay in close touch with your doctor and keep us posted as to your recovery!



1 year later

It's been 1 year now and everything looks a lot
Better. Still really don't like my boobs but I'm Way to scared to go through anything like this again! I do need to look into the areola tattooing!
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