320 Allergan Extra High Profiles- 2 weeks post-op

Hello, and thank you to the community for taking...

Hello, and thank you to the community for taking the time to share your journeys! I have been lurking around for about 2 weeks now gathering all the info I can on everything BA. I scheduled my first consult for April 22 which was the earliest I could get in to the top notch surgeon in my area. The waiting is killing me! I wish I was getting them tomorrow!! I would like to schedule my surgery for May 16 if my doc still has a slot for me.

Here are my stats: I'm 33 years old and a married mother of 2 toddler boys, (20 mos and 4 yrs) both breast fed for about 6 mos each. I am 5'4" and weigh 113 lbs. My ribcage measures 29" and my breasts are currently 31.5". I found out during my research that this makes me a 30B, however I have been wearing a VS 32A Bombshell bra for years with a huge 1" gap between the top of my breast and the bra. I guess I should have known I was wearing the wrong size all this time, but its hard to find high quality super padded bras in odd sizes! Oh, and I have been wearing super duper padded bras since I was 13 years old, so I guess I have ALWAYS known that I would get implants. I do remember looking at my mothers breasts when I was about 16 years old thinking, "I wonder when I'm going to get those". Of course they never came. Before kids My breasts were slightly larger, but I have always felt like I have the chest of an 11 year old girl.
I am thinking that I would like 400cc silicone unders. I don't know what my bwd is but since I am petite I am guessing my doc will suggest high profile. Anyone else out there with my similar build/ measurements? What did you end up with in the end? My waist is 25" and my hip is 32" but my booty is 37" so I would like to look more proportionate but I don't want my new breasts to totally disappear under my clothes. I also don't want my end result to be something I can achieve with my bombshell bras, I want it slightly larger than that.

With my bombshell bra My breasts measure 33.5" or what most people would say looks like a full B under clothes. I love the look of a 32D and that's really what I'm going for, think Katy Perryish. I did the rice testers at home and I love the look of 350ccs so that's what leaves me with wanting 400ccs since I believe you lose a little volume going under the muscle? What do you all think? I am scared that my PS will tell me no and that I am too small for that size. I am more nervous about that than my actual surgery! I want nice, large, perky breasts!

Speaking of surgery, I am a little nervous about getting sick from the anesthesia afterwards. I had extremely complicated pregnancies which resulted in 4 different surgeries, half of which I has severe vomiting after. I am terrified of that happening again! Anyone else out there with severe motion sickness who did really well after surgery? This would def ease my mind a little! I am prepared to really hammer it in to the minds of my surgical team that I have a high risk of post operative nausea & vomiting.

Thanks again for any replies, ladies! I appreciate the support from the community while I wait what feels like foooooooorrrrrrreeeeeevvvvveeeerrrrr!

Also, I am curious as to whether some girls can still fit into their old bathing suit tops? I just got a fab deal on some Brazilian designer bikinis and I'm praying I can still squeeze my breasts into them afterwards!

Thank you!

We love lurkers but it's so nice of you to add your story to the community! In case you didn't come across this in your research, here is a list of questions to ask at your consult. You may want to ask both your doctor and your anesthesiologist for an anti nausea drug in your IV. I also requested a prescription of melt in your mouth Zofran. Never needed it but it was nice to know I had it on hand. As far as old bathing suit tops go, I kinda don't think you're gonna fit 'em!  :)

Ask your PS for Med's so you won't get sick. I asked for them and I was perfectly fine. I was not sick at all, not even on the way home. Most of my surgeries I've had... Omg I wanted a zip loc bag for the car ride home. I was fine with the Med's. You'll look great, go big.... You won't hate them and your partner will be in love. good luck...
Hi there I get motion sickness from being in the car too long; lol; when I woke up from surgery I was so naeous; Omg; I thought I was going to puke or something; my docter put a motion sickness patch on me; but I still felt sick; I just have a weak stomach; I know it was worth it; I love the results of my breast; don't worry you will do fine;

My Consultation is 1 week away now! I'm so...

My Consultation is 1 week away now! I'm so excited, I'm ready to jump right out of my skin! It's weird because I've literally been waiting to do this for 15 years but once I decided NOW is the time, it's been so hard to wait!
Um, first of all - TWO kids and a stomach like that?!?!?! Ugh, I need to get back to my workouts LOL! Ok, seriously though, as for your concerns re: getting sick postop, my PS (and several others on here, I've seen) prescribed me a Scopolamine patch - it's an anti-nausea med that you place behind your ear, usually the night before surgery. If you've reacted badly to anesthesia before, you might at least ask about that. Also you might stock up on Ginger Ale or Sprite/7-up and saltines... Sizewise, you're a bit smaller than me (I'm 5'2", 125# - well, 128 lately -- I REALLY need to get back on my workouts! -- and got 300cc unders, which was the max my PS was willing to do for me. Also, I have actually been able to fit into pretty much all my old triangle bikini tops, though I'm still working on getting used to how the cups need to be placed for optimal coverage and no "wardrobe malfunctions"! I really haven't tried my old pushup halters... I suppose I should probably do that, make sure they'll actually cover what needs covered. Good luck at your consult!
Thanks hm331, for your response! I read your review and laughed out loud when I read you were looking like a bug trying to right itself when you would lay on your tummy~ so funny because I can picture it:) Thanks for saying my stomach looks flat, I can't wait for my boobs to stick out farther than it, and my rib cage of course! LOL! Thanks for the advise about the nausea patch, I will talk to my dr about that. My only concern with it is that I have seen a few girls get sick when they remove the patch and that worries me a lil:) Your boobs look great, did you get mod+ or HP?
OMG, I kinda wish I had a video of the first few times I got on/off my stomach! It was a little funny at the time, though I wasn't sure whether to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation or cry because it was so uncomfortable - now I'm sure it would probably just be funny! ;) The only problem I had with my patch is that it was soooo drying; my throat was almost a little sore because I was so dry! I ended up with mod profile (according to their ID cards) though I'd initially thought he said high. Hope your consult goes well - and you could probably talk to them about some of your questions re: the kiddos. They may have gotten previous feedback from other patients as well.

So tomorrow is my consult and I am soon excited...

So tomorrow is my consult and I am soon excited because I have been waiting on this for 5 weeks! I have researched and measured and looked at about a thousand pairs of breasts and I am quite literally at the point where I can get no more information without seeing my doctor and getting his measurements and recommendations. Now I am nervous that he will tell me I am too small built to get the look I am going for. I've made up my mind that I will trust him to give me the implant that my body can handle tho, and also that I will try not to be fixated on CCs:)
I cannot have my surgery until my kids are finished with their swimming lessons which are 3 days a week until May 15. I have a 20 month old who I have to be in the pool with, and of course still be able to lift and carry at that point. In the mean time, I am teaching him to climb on a beanbag in his crib so I can back up to it and get him out having him wrap his arms around my neck so I can lift him out with my back instead of my arms. I am also teaching him to get in and out of his carseat himself using a stool so he gets used to doing this on his own before my surgery. If there are any other moms out there that had little ones to care for after their surgery and have advise, I would appreciate it! My surgery is on a Weds and by Monday I will be on my own my own again with my kids (20 mos and 4 years).
Ok...you have an amazing body! It's going to look even more amazing soon! I wish I bounce back like that after my kids (I'm also a thousand years older than you so ill blame that! Lol!). I have a 2.5 year old and 6 mos old. I love your ideas about the beanbad and step stool! I hadn't ears that but in certainly going to try it! My surg is on May 13th (lower facelift an BA). I have always thrown up after general...I'm super worried about that too..I havent heard anything about a patch from my ps..I'll ask for sure though! Keep posting about you ideas for kiddos! My ps said after 10 days I can knead beside them and lift with my legs but I can't lift out of the crib (my 6 month old). I don't know what to do about that!! :(
Just gonna say that I don't have kids and my stomach doesn't look anywhere near as awesome as yours!! Good for you!! I'm a little bigger than you 5'6" 125# and I was a around a 36A and that's a little generous. I got 492cc silicone unders almost 3 weeks ago and I LOVE them!! Best decision ever and like most people say def go bigger! I was supposed to go 420cc and right before hopping on OR table I asked him to go up a size. Good luck with your consult and keep us posted!!
Luvmyhuskies, OMG you have a fantastic figure, I don't know what you're talking about! LOL! Your breasts look amazing! 492 sounds big, but they are perfect for your body. I am always amazed on the wide range of sizes on girls with similar body types and how perfect they end up looking. Thanks for your reply, I love to see girls who have been through it, and following the recovery process really helps a ton!

Ok so my consult was today, and WOW the...

Ok so my consult was today, and WOW the limitations were unexpected! I know Im small, and small boned but I was not prepared for my BWD to be 10.3 on my "large" breast and 10.7 on my smaller breast. That's not a typo, my smaller breast actually has a larger width! Having done aaaaalllllllll this research I knew right then that I was going to be limited, but when he told his coordinator, "okay T, lets show her the 260's," I nearly fell in a heap at his feet in sheer panic!
I had told him that I would ideally like to be a 32D in a perfect world when he asked me what I had in mind, and 260 just wasn't going to get me there. So, I very calmly told him that I had made myself some rice sizers and I really like the look of 350. Then he said, "would you like me to give you the largest implant I can for your size?" Phew! YES! Yes, please!!!
Ok, so this is it...Ultra High Profile gel with a max volume of 360, but his preference is the 320CC's. He will use sizers in the OR and try to use the 360's if my body will allow it. The good news is, either size looks good on the outside, but once they're on the inside I think I'll like the 360's more and would regret the 320's.
I specifically told him that I want an implant that my tissues will be able to support over time, because even though I want large breasts, I feel like I should try to do what's best for my body first, mind next. Of course he would put larger ones in if I wanted them, but I don't want ugly bottoming out breasts because I pushed it too far. However, I was not prepared for the ultra high part!! I am a little worried about the upper pole fullness, and hoping it won't be excessive, in that my breasts now rest an inch from my clavicle excessive. Don't get me wrong, I am after a beautiful, full pair of breasts. "Natural looking" is not really in my vocabulary because, well, natural for me is a 30B and Im here because that's not what I want! I did do a search on here for ladies with ultra high profile, and there's not many of us to reach out to for support. So, if you're out there ladies, I'd love to chat, and see your photos, etc. Or even input from girls who were expecting to go mod+ but ended up with HP- and are loving them, would help.
Here's something else that come as a shock: he's not going to correct my asymmetry. He thinks its slight enough that correction would perhaps just make it more noticeable. So really, I should just be a pretty straightforward case:) my pre-op is Monday the 29th and my surgery is May 15th in the afternoon unless he can hopefully move me up. I'm so excited, I wish it was happening tomorrow!! Thanks for reading/sharing!
Your day isn't too far away now..how excited are you? Ahh I freaking hate that feeling if the gap at the top of the bombshell bra.. I wear those religiously and have that issue too. I bet the size you do end up getting will suit you. I am worrying as well about it not being big enough(my PS will only go 350cc on me) but I think they do know what would for our bodies and really it has to be better then what we have now right? And man you are fit for someone who has had kids.. I have none and don't look that good lol:(
I hate bombshell gap....I just wanna be my OWN bombshell lol!
The bombshell gap is hideous!! I can't wait to get rid of them for good. The coordinator today at my surgeons office actually said to me that since I had to go smaller than I wanted, I could still wear my bombshell bras after surgery to get the look I want. I think I must have looked at her like she had a penis growing out of her forehead!! I don't want to wear stupid padded bras/swimsuits/nightgowns/sports bras/ backless tops ANYMORE! It's so embarrassing when you fling off your bra before bed and it makes a thump sound. I can't wait to be done with all that! Wear a padded bra after...ssssssss, no!;)

Last night I accidentally happened upon an article...

Last night I accidentally happened upon an article from 2011 about the safety of silicone implants. What they were reporting, was how the manufactures of silicone implants have lost track of many of their trial patients and that there are still debates about the safety of the implants. The most bothersome part of the article, however, was how the community responded to it and the bias and almost anger against women who to chose to undergo this "unnecessary" cosmetic procedure (except it was almost mutually agreed upon that it was ok in the case of mastectomy). Now, I have not experienced a high level of hostility from people I know regarding my decision, at least outwardly. But I know that I will. I want to be prepared for the cruelty so that I can immediately put these people in their place. Most of the men and women who made comments believe that people who get breast implants are "vain, not smart, ugly on the inside, want to be perfect, don't want to work for good bodies, are not self confident, insecure, jealous of celebrity's, trashy, promiscuous, wanting to impress men," etc., etc. the cruel and untrue list goes on and on. But as I said before, most people think implants are Ok if a woman has had to undergo a mastectomy. My question is, what is the difference? What, just because a woman was born with breasts and had to have them removed because of circumstance, that entitles her a "free pass" to fix her deformities without criticism? Yet a person BORN with deformed or not aesthetic looking breasts is just being vain and insecure, uneducated and taboo? Give me a break, people! Sounds like a double standard to me! Having cancer and treating it with mastectomy is a horrible and unfortunate situation and my heart goes out to those people, this conversation is NOT a debate about that. But at the end of the day, we are all just trying to improve our aesthetics and deformities, whether we got them from birth or circumstance, and that should not be so controversial! Size is not the ONLY issue here for a LOT of women. People need to learn "to each his own" and to not be mean. After all, unless you have seen a woman naked you really don't have any idea why she has made the decision to undergo breast augmentation, and therefore should keep your uninformed mouths shut!
Thanks to the ladies here for providing a safe place to vent about this;)
I really enjoyed your story.I would get in the habit of not listening to anyone's input about your decision to improve your body.It is your body after all!After birthing as many children as you have,you deserve to invest in yourself.I was also torn between profiles,but in my case it was mod plus or hp(I'm not petite).i made the decision with the help of my doctor and the ladies here on Realself to go with hp.I think I made the right decision for me,bc they are exactly what I was looking for!I wouldn't be afraid of going with uhp bc you are so petite.i would definitely go as large as your doctor thinks is safe!good luck and I can't wait to hear what you are going with
Ughh, I have two profiles (long story) I'm also upforchange and gave you the comment below regarding my 535cc Ultra High Profiles. If you want to check out my story use this username instead thx!
Hi, I saw your comment on Limaboro's story and decided to check out your page. I have 535cc UHP and I love them. They are the exact look I was going for. I still have a little bit of dropping to do and some minor issues with skin sensitivity, but recovery has not been that bad. Feel free to check out my story. There are so many more girls on here that have UHP than when I had my surgery. Just do a search for Ultra High Profile and be sure to go to the implant, augmentation and revision stories too. You are starting out much smaller than me, so i'm sure you will have limitations. My bwd was 14! starting out with a 10 will limit you, but make sure you really trust your PS. If you do, you can trust that he will work hard to give you want YOU want. There are a lot of surgeons that only want to do a "natural" look so limit their cc's a lot for their own selfish reasons. As long as you trust his opinion i'm sure you will be fine. Good Luck!

Ugh, my pre-op went pretty well but really made me...

Ugh, my pre-op went pretty well but really made me a lot more nervous about my final result. Of course he talked about all the risks, etc. which I already knew but was awful hearing them come out of HIS mouth!! The worst part by far though, was that I asked him some pretty detailed questions about the gap between my breasts. He said he wouldn't ordinarily go into great detail with a patient about her chest wall dimensions, deformities, asymmetries, etc. but he said since I seem very educated he thought I could handle having the info.
Ok, so my chest wall protrudes on the left side more than the right by several millimeters. He said you would never be able to see the difference on a larger woman, but since Im so petite I will probably be able to tell that one breast has more projection than the other. Not fixable. That's the bad news, this is the worse news: I have a large gap for a woman of my size. My sternum is wide and my breasts are narrow and Im just going to have an unnaturally large gap which is not fixable. This was one of the things I was the most afraid of:(
I have very mixed emotions about this news, although I suspected it so I am not surprised, just a little disappointed. It was hard to hear that my breasts will not be as aesthetically pleasing as I had hoped. My only consolation is that hopefully the bar will be set low and I will be pleasantly surprised. Yes, ladies, I will have "east-westers" as my husband would say. I am scared that my implants will look like 2 widely spaced tennis balls on my chest. Hopefully the will look ok in a push up bra. I'm sad! But there's nothing I can do about my anatomy.
And the possibility of your PS creating a larger pocket?
I am confident my PS will do what he can with dissection, without surpassing my natural breast boundaries. Anything smaller than HP is not really an option for me because my BWD is 10.8 and if I go with a lower profile I will have to have super duper small implant volume & projection. For someone like me with a small BWD, lower profile diameter still can't exceed 10.8 so I would be sacrificing a lot of volume and projection for basically no gain (except a more natural appearance, which I don't desire:) I hope that makes sense, lol! If my BWD was wider, I would have more options.
That makes sense!

I am now less than a week away from my surgery and...

I am now less than a week away from my surgery and wow am I getting nervous! I can't really pinpoint what is causing the bulk of the anxiety, maybe it's nerves about what my final result will look like? I'm still trying to wrap my mind around my wide gap and protruding left chest wall and hoping in the end this will not make me look worse than I do now.
You and I seem to have the same story and body right now. I'm almost 32, 5'4" and 114 lbs. Breastfed two kids and that really left me with nothing, but I wasn't much to speak of before. I'll be praying for you, as I can only imagine the nerves I'll be facing just days from surgery. So excited for you though!

I also enjoyed your discussion about unnecessary cosmetic procedure. I'm with you all the way! Here is a list of supplies you may want to purchase and set up prior to your surgery. You're almost there!


Well, tomorrow is the big day! This week has been...

Well, tomorrow is the big day! This week has been a lil crazy so far because my blood work came back that I may have a clotting factor issue, so I had to go see a hematologist. He proceeded to tell me that the lab held onto my blood for about 14 hours before running it, which probably was the reason for the elevation. So, a two hour wait at the cancer center, another 2 hour wait at the same lab, an expensive babysitter, and a $300+ specialist bill later, I am completely normal! So annoying!!!!!
But anyway I am all set for tomorrow! I have been very nervous the past couple of days, particularly today which resulted in some extra trips to the bathroom and caused a nice little hemorrhoid, lovely!!!! I will be soooooo happy to be on the other side of this trying on my clothes and shopping for boob shirts, lol! My time is 11:30, but I have to be at the surgery center at 10:30. I am praying for no complications and a nice result afterwards, wish me luck! X
How are you doing?
Hoping all went well yesterday and that you are feeling ok! Congrats!
Sorry to hear about your crummy pre-op experience. Thank goodness everything is normal in the end! We head in to surgery so so soon! I feel like I'm going through every emotion possible, but like you mostly just ready to be on the post op side. Good luck to you:) Happy recovery to us!!!

I'm finally on the other side...

My surgery was yesterday at 11:30 AM. All the nurses and anesthesiologist at the surgery center were AMAZING and made me so comfortable! We were all laughing and teasing each other before they took me back to surgery. My PS did a bunch of measurements on me again while he was marking me up and told me that he was almost certain that he would be using the 320's instead of the 360's. it's probably my own darn fault too, since I've lost about 5 lbs since my consult (I am 109lbs now). Anyway, I told him to chose the implant that will look the nicest and that will be best long term, but he said he understood well my desire to be the largest possible. That did, in fact turn out to be the 320's. I really hope that I am not disappointed in the size since I am one of those girls who was worried about being too small, not being too large:)

Ok so after my surgery, I woke up super groggy and it really seemed like they were pushing me out the door. I swear I was awake for 2 minutes before they were gathering me up and getting me out of bed. My hubs had to literally hold me up to get me in the wheelchair because I could hardly keep my eyes open. I did not get sick after my surgery even though I have a high risk of post op nausea and vomiting (PONV). I was told they used zofran, phenergan, and pepsid before during and after anesthesia. Before I woke up, I was given a Phenergan suppository which is why I was so groggy, I think, and afterward slept for the entire day. Last night my pain was not too bad. It hurts to take in a deep breath and the most pain that I have is around the area of my sternum. I have absolutely no bruising and my incisions look great- no bleeding or anything and they are not sore at all. My PS uses internal dissolving stitches and surgical glue on the incision. I had this also with my 2 c-sections and ended up with a wonderful result as far as my scar goes. I have been keeping up with my Percocet taking one about every 4 hours, even through the night. I am definitely in pain, but nothing unbearable. For those ladies who had easy c-sections like I did, I definitely think breast surgery is a little more painful because it hurts to breathe and you use your pecks a lot more than you use your upper groin area. I was definitely getting around a bit easier after my c-sections than I am now (at least at this point in my recovery). But, like I said before, Im not crippled with pain.

I just got back from my post-op. I was not able to see my doc because he was in surgery, but I saw the nurse. He put me in a nice looking sports bra that has hooks in the front and says that Im looking good. I will go back again tomorrow to see my doctor but last night when he called me on the phone he told me they worked really hard in the OR to get as much symmetry as possible. That made me feel good! He said he just couldn't get the 360's to not look distorted, but the 320's looked great. Of course today they look like frankinboobs but I have lots of confidence that I will be happy with the final result. I am going to post photos that I took last night at home and today at my Dr.'s office. By the way, I weighed 8 lbs more after my surgery than before so unfortunately you ladies out there who have not gone yet will have THAT to look forward to!! Even though I have 8 lbs of extra fluid in my body, Im still dying of thirst and my pee is coming out at a dribble. Sorry if that's TMI;)
Anyway, I will try to keep posting my progress to help anyone who might need it. Much love and thanks!
So happy to hear everything went well! You look great even though I am still at your stage where they look all weirdly shaped...that goes away they say lol. I hate the feeling of being rushed out the door, I took so long to get out of the bed and to the wheel chair it felt like the were shutting down for the day and were like ok get out now lol. I was soo thirsty too but hopefully you can catch up on fluids now. Heal well lady and can't wait to read your updates!
Glad everything went well and that you're finally on the recovery journey.
I have not yet dared to weigh myself but I am also sucking water down and pee is coming out at a dribble! I also was surprised how much simply adjusting in bed etc uses those muscles! We are on our way:)

Day 4 and feeling great

It is the end of day 4 post op for me and I really don't think I could possibly be feeling much better. I stopped taking Percocet on Thursday (the day after my surgery), took 2 Tylenol on Friday and have needed NOTHING for pain yesterday or today! For you ladies who have nursed, my breasts feel tight and engorged but really are not in pain. My PS obviously did a fantastic job, since my healing is going so well! I am not having any pain while moving my arms either, just a little "pulling" sensations and some tightening.
Something weird to note is that I am hearing some "squeaking" coming from my implants when I move my arms up over my head and then down. I read on here that this is fluid/air in the pocket and it will go away eventually as my body absorbs it.

My boobs still are looking "square" at the top and making a little shelf, but I had small nipple complex to crease ratio, so I knew going in that it would take some time for the skin in my lower pole to stretch and accommodate the implant. So far I am happy with my progress after just 4 days!
Your results look great! I'm glad you're having very little pain. Hope for a fast recovery!
Congrats!! Looking good! =)
Congrats! Your looking great!

One week post op, starting to round out!

I am 1 week post op today and the time has just flown by! My life is definitely back to "normal" but I am trying to still do things easier and slower than usual. Chores are a pain because I am type A and cannot STAND a mess, but I am also trying to not hurt myself or throw my implants out of whack while Im picking up my kids toys for the nine-hundredth time, lol! The good news is my legs are getting a good workout from using them to bend down!!

Has anyone else noticed that their boobs look more square at the end of the day from using your pec muscles? My boobs are starting to settle down in the upper pole more and more each day; When I wake up, they are looking more natural, but when I start using my arms, my pecs swell up again making them have more of a shelf like appearance. Just curious if anyone else noticed this and for how long? I am trying to remember to use T-Rex arms while lifting things but I forget ALOT!

My hubs loves my new boobs a lot more than I expected and can't stop staring at them, lol! It's definitely a nice side effect and I appreciate the attention. I was not sure if he would have any reaction to them because he was truly indifferent about me getting them in the first place. After 6 years of marriage it's nice to be noticed again, if you know what I mean!!

I am still feeling great and not needing any pain meds. Like others I find back sleeping to be less than fulfilling, but I keep telling myself that Heather Locklear trained herself to do it to avoid wrinkles on her face and she looks damn good at her age, lol! I am figuring that I am helping my boobs AND my face right now!!!!!
Yay, your PS did an amazing job! Glad you had a great experience with your BA. AND I totally agree with your opinion on your "unnecessary cosmetic procedure" update. Couldn't have said it better :)!
You look great! It's nice to see someone with similar body and having similar implant as me! I'm having my ba in 4 days in the uk, my ps recommend Natrelle 295 hp/340 extra hp. I'm 5"6, 128lb, 32a, bwd 11. I've got a 6 years old and breastfed for a year, and small breasts disappeared altogether after. I think I'll got with the 340 extra hp. Thank you for sharing your story.
Congrats on your boobs! They are looking good! I had mines done the day after you and after the 1 week, I also felt "normal" again! Lol Glad ur hubby is enjoying them too. My hubby loves mines too and he was not so thrilled that I was getting them. Lol Good luck!! :)

2 weeks post-op, still not 100%

Today I am 2 weeks post op and my result is looking better every day. I love them! I am having a terrible time taking it easy and I'm back to cleaning my house, and lifting my 25 lb toddler. It doesn't always feel great but Im totally on my own and there's not much I can do about it.
The sensations I am having in my breasts is starting to change a little. I do not have any nipple sensation and a larger area underneath and to the sides of them is also numb. Even though I have numbness when I touch them, I feel a sensation that I can only describe as "prickly". Kind of like when your foot falls asleep and the feeling starts to come back and it hurts like pins and needles, just a little less pronounced and only when Im touching them. I am also having some "electric shock" like sensations on the inside of my left breast especially and a general discomfort from moving them during my displacement massages. My incisions are still sore and "burn" sometimes when I move in certain ways, and the area around my sternum hurts sometimes (probably because I am overdoing it).

My left one looks perfect and I hope it doesn't get any smaller as they continue to settle, my right one is still higher and tighter than the left, but I expected that because I am right handed and that one was about a cup size smaller than the other to begin with.
Oh, this is weird: when I take a first drink of something cold or get a cold chill, it touches the nerve endings in my breasts like sugar to a tooth ache! It's very unnerving! Anyone else experience this?

I bought myself a body pillow to try and sleep on my side a little. It's still not that comfortable but I did sleep on both sides last night instead of my back, so I guess that's progress.

Here's another thing that is interesting to note: I am having a super hard time shaving my underarms now. They went from being super flat and easy to shave to being really narrow and much deeper and hard to get a razor into. I mentioned this to my larger breasted girlfriend and she showed my how to hold the side of my underarm with one hand and shave with the other (I guess this is not just me). I did not realize there would be any difference in my underarms after breast surgery!!

I went to VS on Sunday to just try on some bras. I did not get sized but I am about a 32D (or really a 30DD by my measurements), which I checked at:


I thought at first I was going to be a 32C, but when I took a bunch of 32Cs into the fitting room they didn't seem to fit well at all, and made my boobs look weird. I didn't buy anything (that was definitely a first, lol!) I will go again in another 2 weeks or so. The webside above has a weird address but I swear it is the most accurate I have found. Too bad VS doesn't carry a wider range of sizes, but I guess Nordstrom and Dillard's does, and they use the scale from the website above.

I hope all you ladies who have already gone are well, and good luck to those who are going soon!
Was so happy to find your review! Also have bird chest and "east westers"! Lol....doc is planning 320 UHP for me...seeing your pics gives me hope....the funny thing is when you posed the doc question, many were not so hot on the UHP, but they came out wonderful!
I am thinking about getting 310 extra high profile so I am happy I came by your page,I haven't found too many reviews on extra high profiles in the 300 range. Do you like the extra high profile? Please let me know. Also you have the most amazing body ever!! & your boobs turned out perfect :)
I have a chest wall issue too which has my rt side a cup sz smaller. I had implants in 2006 by vitale lewis in melbourne, and i am not happy because she did not even try for symmetry. I am consulting w dr diaz soon. Thanks for your experience!

Today is my BA anniversary

Today it has been 1 year since my BA and it was honestly the best decision of my life. My breasts are PERFECT, my surgeon, Dr. Diaz did a phenomenal job at giving me symmetry considering the original shape and position of my breasts! I now wear a 32D/DD at VS, but I live in lacy bralette's now that I don't have to wear 2 inches of padding. Having nice sized breasts without having tight wires and hot pillows is extremely liberating!! Being more comfortable physically, without all that "hardware" under my shirt, pinching, rubbing, slipping, gaping, sweating, etc is definitely a very happy unintended consequence.

My husband loves my breasts, and is still very fascinated by them. My friends and my mom think they are absolutely the perfect size for my body. They are definitely not too large or too small. If I would have been able to go bigger, I would have, although I wouldn't have needed to. I am NO LESS happy with my 320's. Not a soul would look at me and think, "Wow, those are fake" and I like that because I feel like I have breasts that match my body size and type now.

I do feel compelled to mention that I still have some numbness in each breast from the outside to the inside beside my nipples. At the beginning, I had a LOT of numbness, but gradually I got more feeling back, except those same areas in both breasts. I did not have a lot of the shooting pains that others describe as nerves reconnecting, but then I have a high tolerance for pain. Also, my nipples are extremely sensitive since my surgery, and this is constant, not intermittent. Even the shower stream bothers them, and rough stimulation literally makes me want to cry out! For those of you who have been pregnant, it is similar to first trimester sensitivity. I knew this was a risk, I was willing to take it, and for me it was worth it and I would absolutely do it 100 times again. For others, maybe not.

The only other thing that can sometimes be bothersome is the displacement of my implants when I use my pectoral muscles, since I have unders. You literally have no idea how much you use these muscles until you get implants! Opening bottles, running the sweeper, pushing a grocery cart, carrying ANYTHING, etc! All of these activities displace my implants! This is not really a problem for me since I do not work out in a gym, but if you are someone who works out all the time this is something you should be prepared for. It is noticeable to you and it will be to others too, if you lift weights in public.

Even with the above mentioned, I am 100% thrilled with my results and would do it again in a second. I have to thank all the ladies on here who helped me when I was researching my options and hope I paid it forward a little with this update. For those of you who are scared by UHP, don't be! If your doctor suggests them because of the size of your body and the results you desire, then they will look perfect on you and you will love them!
I really like them. Thank you for sharing. I am 3 days postop and feel that mine will never look good but seeing your progress has really reminded me that postoperation the implants go through a process. You look amazing!
Congrats on your one year anniversary!!! I too had limitations on size bc I have a 10.5 BWD and no implant fit me. I wanted a full C to small D and the girl in the PS office tried to fit me with 400cc UHP. These would have been way over my BWD and the 360cc would have been huge too! Now seeing your results with the 320cc, I wouldn't want mine any larger than yours... Which are perfect. I am also small around 26.5" ribcage but tall 5'6-5'7". I ended up getting 325cc and 350cc Natrelle high profile and they seem similar size to yours. They fit my body well and I don't look too top heavy. You look fantastic!!!
Happy BA anniversary! I just read all your posts. Very well written, indeed. And you look fantastic!
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

He has a great reputation in my town and was recommended to me by a friend. Also, he uses the most cutting edge techniques and is the only PS in my area who uses the Keller Funnel.

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