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Worth Every $ - Melbourne, Australia

I've always lusted after bigger lips but never...

I've always lusted after bigger lips but never took the plunge, I found an amazing clinic and I am so glad that I went for it. I had a dental block so the pain was minimal. A few pin pricks and I was out in under 15 minutes. 1.3 ml was used. No lumps or bumps. I took 2 painkillers to deal with the soreness afterwards as well as arnica, my brusing was minimal. My nurse was fabulous, I'm looking forward to my checkup at 2 weeks. My swelling went down after 2 days. I adore my new lips, I wish they could stay like this forever.


Where did you got this done in Melbourne ??? Tha
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Glad to hear you are loving your results!! Was it difficult to get used to your "new" lips? Did it feel awkward to drink or anything?

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It still is a little awkward to drink and I can't rub my lips together like I used to, but it is by far a minor inconvenience! I'd like to go a little bigger next time though!
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