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$350 PER TREATMENT - need up to FOUR treatments...

$350 PER TREATMENT - need up to FOUR treatments over 2 months.

I have PCOS induced acne and rosacea. It'll never 'go away' but I can manage it. I tried everything else and this worked.

I had three PDT treatments. Each time I was incubated with the acid for 2 - 3 hours. Then I was lasered with a Vbeam pulse laser to fix my rosacea. Then I was baked for 5 mins under a 630 - 660 nm red light.

My face was sore, puffy, angry and peeling for three days after. Don't plan on going out, or being pretty. You have to stay INSIDE for three days. If you have big acne under the skin they will literally bubble up to the surface and then pop themselves (charming, I know). But then your skin will peel like a snake and be renewed.

It has to be repeated at least once every 12 months. Maybe a full course every 12 months.

Note: I was told you can't do it with cold sores. Ask your doc for the preventative medicine to stop cold sores and take it before and after.

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Ah, and I don't have any 'before' photos to show. So you'd just see my mostly clear skin from the after pics.
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Hi priestess35,

No pictures is no problem, just checking. :)  I'm glad your after pictures would be clear though. It's good that you got the main parts of the procedure out of the way and your skin is clear. Also, nice that you don't have to go so many times in the future. Please keep us updated.



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Hi, I am also in Melb. I did my pdt a month ago. The skin is not peeling so much although I have put depigmentation lotion (for dicolouration colour). Now, after I use moisturiser, the skin starts to peel, but the problem now is I have lot of acne infection (white bumps) on my face while its peeling. Do you have any comment on this.
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Hi I don't know if you still actively participate on this website. But if so I was just wondering if the Photodynamic Therapy is still working for your acne? How bad was your acne? How many sessions did you do? And did you have to do maintenance treatments of any sort? Thank you so much for your help. I am desperate to cure my acne it's completely ruining my life.
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Hi Britt,
No no, I had 3 treatments over 8 weeks. And I will have to do at least 1 every 12 months (but maybe another 3 in 12 months)
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HI priestess355,

Welcome to the Photodynamic Therapy community. Yay, I imagine finally finding something to help you when it sounds like you lost all hope was a fantastic feeling. So you had 12 sessions over 12 months, did everything go away? We would love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing. The info about cold sores is great for the community to know too. Thanks! Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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