Lipolysis Treatment for Gynecomastia

I finally decided after 9 years of embarrassment...

i finally decided after 9 years of embarrassment to go through with surgery for gyno,i don't think my surgeon had alot of experience in that department, but pre-op i was so eager to get the surgury that i probably didnt ask enough questions.

the procedure lasted just over an hour, and was done under local anesthetic ,it was quite uncomfortable,but bearable.

After the surgury,i was written a script for anti biotics and pain relief, then i was sent on my way, they didnt even offer to call me a taxi, i wasnt given extra wound padding, and did not receive a courtesy call to see how i was going the first week, i finally got thru to the surgeon 7days later to have the stitches removed, funny enough, he didnt even remember me, i felt like a number, the bloody fool (pardon the language) asked me where the stitches were located. By the was that was the first time the padding and compression had been removed so it was the first time i had seen the outcome.. when the padding come off i nearly fell over, my chest was alot smaller (due to the removal of fat) by the way, i am 6ft tall and 75kgs, so fairly slim build, but my nipple were still puffy and prominent, i could feel the lumps underneath were still there.

The surgeon could tell from my face expression that i was not to happy, but assured me that is was swelling around my nipples because 1 of the incision was made just below my areola and it should be fine in a week. that was a month ago and i still look the same, in fact i liked my chest more before the surgery because the fat on my chest blended the gyno in (although it still stood out and bothered me).

im now hpoing to find a new surgeon who can remove the GLANDULAR TISSUE without any more complications.

recently had lipolysis for gynecomastia, treatment was a disaster because the surgeon only removed fat and not glandular tissue, would it be safe to have another surgeon remove the gland 2 months after lipo?


hey darryl, thanks for your comment, i haven't received the corrective surgery yet, but was wondering if i would have any complications if i have the glandular incision so shortly after lipo.(i am currently searching for a new surgeon)........ I had originally made an appointment with another plastic surgeon but he was worried that after the removal of the gland i may have indented nipples, so he referred me to the surgeon who preformed the lipo .I am not blaming the smart lipo, i actually believe if i only had fatty tissue (psudo-gyno) it would have been a wonderful outcome.Andi do think you are correct when you say you should get 3 opinions, but i was just so eager to have my gyno removed, that i didnt take the time to find a good surgeon
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This shows why patients should get 3 opinions from board certified Plastic Surgeons. In your diagnosis, the initial surgeon missed or did not explain that your a type of gynecomastia was a combination of fatty tissue, breast glandular tissue (breast gland or organ), and slight excess skin. This is the most common type of gynecomastia. The correct treatment plan and options would have been a combination of laser lipolysis (Smart Lipo), Vaser (or UAL), and traditional lipo vs some typr of lipo + glandular bud excision. That is the surgeons decision. Another issue from you posting was the post operative care or lack there of. Makes me wonder why you chose this surgeon (was he really a surgeon)? Well that is the past, at least you received a corrective surgery and now you seem to be satisfied. But you really can not blame the Smart Lipo, it did not diagnose you incorrectly it was your choice in surgeon. Regards and be happy Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI
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surgeon had no communication skills and was not experienced with treating gyno

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