Definitely Not Worth the Money - Melbourne, Australia

I had Zeltiq done in Melbourne on my inner thighs...

I had Zeltiq done in Melbourne on my inner thighs (twice) and outer thighs (three times). I did not see results, although I was told i lost 2cm which I question as measurements were taken by different people at different places around thigh. Definitely not worth the money. Extemely dissapointed. Do not waste your money.


That's dissapointing. I haven't had the procedure myself but have read that it doesn't work for everyone.

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Hi there, thanks for sharing your review with us. I'm sorry you didn't get the results you were looking for. Did you speak to your doctor about your dissapointment and expectations?

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Yes, I did speak to him.

They said I should have a third treatment (which I did) and I would see results as it is "impossible" not to get results.

They did not offer a free treatment after I had spent all that money.
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