Breast Reduction! Best Choice I Have Made! - Melbourne, Australia

Since i was about 15 years old i had suffered from...

Since i was about 15 years old i had suffered from breasts to large for my body,back pain and self consciousness. Finally at age 20 i had the opportunity to have the surgery. 1 week later and i am already 10x happier going from a 12E to a 12C. I recommend this surgery for anyone in the same situation!

Defiantly!! They have gotten better and better each week! He did an amazing job! No complications some of the stitches didn't dissolve properly and were irritating my skin had to go into see the nurse and have them removed but that's the only problem i have had. They also include 3 laser scar removal sessions called Fraxel in the quote I'm going in for my first session soon i will let you know how it goes!
Would you recommend him, was there any complications?
Cosmetic surgery for women in Melbourne, Dr Craig Rubinstein.
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