46 Yr Old Mum of Three - Much Needed Breast Lift - Melbourne, AU

4 yrs ago I had a tummy tuck and I am extremely...

4 yrs ago I had a tummy tuck and I am extremely happy with the result - it changed my life. Really looking forward to the Breast Lift to complete my journey. Very excited and just a little bit nervous. I have large breast which I like but I feel like an old lady as they literally hang to my waist.


Glad to hear your tummy tuck went well! Sounds like a breast lift will complete your new look. What type of lift did you get? Hope your surgery went well and that you'll be updating us soon!
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6 months on

It is six months since my surgery and I am thrilled with the result. Beautiful shape and size and back where they belong. Woo Hoo! Mr Linsell was just great and was also delighted with the result at my 6 month review this week. I will post my before and after photos by the end of the week.


My lift was Le Jour technique - (Lollypop) and the result is great. One surgeon did tell me I would need Anchor but I didn't want such big scars.
That's great you were able to minimize the scars. I'm imagining they have already faded a lot. Looking forward to your pictures!
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Mr Malcolm Linsell is very calming and gentle. I have every confidence that he can deliver the result we have discussed. I feel like I am in great hands.

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