Medspa Manager Unimpressed (So Far)

I tried one treatment with the fraxel laser to see...

I tried one treatment with the fraxel laser to see if this might be a hand piece we would want to add for our clients and was not excited about the results. The person doing the proceedure used the highest safe setting to assure I would get a good treatment, and since I declined the numbing cream to save time, it hurt like the devil. (This is from someone who regularly does photofacials, dermal fillers and TCA peels with no numbing and no problems!) By the third pass I was ready to jump out of the chair, but I did finish the treatment in order to have the best result possible. I was red, swollen and dry for a few days but definately nothing to stay home for. By day four I began to get pustules that multiplied like crazy on my whole lower face which turned into cystic acne that lasted for over three weeks. During this four weeks I used every medical skin product we have, then finally got oral anti-biotics. I can't tell you when I last had a breakout, but I know it's been over 20 years. The results were slightly smoother skin, but not something that anyone would notice without it being pointed out. I'm sure four more treatments would be make the difference but with the acne and the pain I would rather stick to photofacials and peels.
my question is ? if i have acne scars, and my skin is olive, will i get pigminaton or discoloration? thank you
Is your skin color dark or light?
First of all.. this was done at a spa and to a non medical person who might consider if SHE wanted this piece of equipment no the physician. She never had any anesthetic cream placed for the 1hr or more prior to the procedure either. The results are great. Remember folks .. this is not a fix me up at the spa machine. It is a medical device (Laser) that goes deep in the dermis of the skin. You want to see a Physician that is experienced with lasers, is present at that facility, and has seen you in consult at minimum. This is not something that should be in a "spa" with some esthetician, hair dresser performing. Spacing of treatments and making sure the patient has a clear understanding of what the device does and explaining collagen remodeling takes months and months to improve even though texture changes are generally first on the skin as well as pigmented lesions to go.
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