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I am so anxious to have this surgery over with. I...

I am so anxious to have this surgery over with. I want it to be a month post surgery. Surprisingly, I'm not fearing the surgery, I'm fearing the swelling and bruising following it. I am also wondering if I explained what I am looking for or if he forgot. I had my first consult the end of June. I wonder how much is too much if I have more questions for the doc?


Goodluck w/ur surgery. You will be so relieved once it is over. Dr. Pontell is great, so no worries :)
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I sent him an email and he called and emailed me back. He is awesome. I can't wait. I'm stopping short of sending him photos of celebrity noses I like. I believe I will get a canned answer of "thats her face blah blah blah"
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Definitely call if you have more questions and want to make clarifications! It's one of the things you're paying your surgeon for. You want to make sure you're on the same page before surgery!

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*UPDATE* Adding pics, (as scary as it is) I have...

*UPDATE* Adding pics, (as scary as it is)
I have just seen some beautiful work by my surgeon. I can't wait until I'm one of those thoroughly satisfied "Afters"


Good luck with your journey and you are smart to choose a doc who does ethnic rhinoplasties. My husband said the same thing about me like I don't need it and all but he says he loved my old nose and loves my new nose as well. Don't worry, he'll embrace it.
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My husband is supportive. I did tell him and of course he's all, you don't need to do that. You look great, etc. He is well meaning but I am doing it for me not him
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You'll be fine, you have a great attitude!

Surgery tomorrow morning! I have this gut feeling...

Surgery tomorrow morning! I have this gut feeling that I am going to be working from home during my recovery however. This project that I am working on needs babysitting. I don’t mind the other days I guess, but tomorrow belongs to ME – no laptop, no blackberry, no conference calls, no webex. I have an early morning workout planned (my last for a few weeks), then back home to get dressed and send the kids off to school It’s funny, earlier I couldn’t wait for this day to get here, and now I’m kinda ‘ehhh, lets knock out this rhino so I can get on with being me.” I pray that I am presentable in a week. My world never slows down but if there is a time when I need to make it slow down, this is it!
I will add before photos back and "after" after surgery.


Come back and let us know how you are
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Good luck today!
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Good luck on your journey. You will lime the results.
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* Day 1 POST-OP* OVER! I did it yesterday. I was...

* Day 1 POST-OP*
OVER! I did it yesterday. I was the second surgery and got there around 9:30. I went back at around 10 to dress and prep and get my IV's all set up. Dr. P came in and reviewed what he needed to do. After that, off to the surgery room. The nurses were so very nice and we talked about everything under the sun. Last thing I remember is the face of the anesthetist telling me I'm going to love it and I'm going to be beautiful. Then I began to think positive affirmations and BOOM I'm in recovery and people were telling me to NOT touch my face. It was 2PM. When I went to the bathroom, i could see it and even taped, I said to the nurse, oh it looks cute and she told me that I should see it, it looks really good. I was just a little uncomfortable and the pain was about a 3. My husband was waiting for me and the ride home was uneventful. No nausea, (in fact I haven't even taken any of the anti-nausea pills other than the one they gave me pre-surgery) slight discomfort. I didnt have much swelling or bruising around the eyes yesterday but I had a feeling I would wake up to some this AM and I was correct. Even still, that's not alot. He didn't have to break any bones. Sleeping last night was probably the worst of the ordeal. I am just not used to being a mouth breather and my husband nudged me a few times as he could hear me struggling to nose breathe. Your mouth and lips get very dry and at one point, i was waking every 10 mins to get a drink. The nasal packing is the most uncomfortable part and I can't wait to get this disgusting thing out of my nose! So far my tip looks cute, even with this crazy swelling. I hope it continues to cute-ify. I will reserve final judgement until this cast is off and stitches are removed. Dr P called and asked how I was doing and I answered, "Pretty Amazing" which was the truth. Despite some slight discomfort, I'm feeling pretty awesome. I'm still only eating soft foods because the upper partof my mouth feels weird but I'm okay with that. I could eat harder if I pushed it but I'm not ready too. The Hubs is pretty awesome. He does everything for me. I couldn't tell you how I replace the drip pad because he does it. He disburses my meds, he is my little candy-striper


Congrats. Cannot wAit to see
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Hey Girly! Its just a waiting game now!!
Thanks Jess!

My post surgery follow up went well. Here I...

My post surgery follow up went well. Here I thought I would possibly be getting packing removed and lo and behold I find out there is no packing. I just assumed there was because in my wildest dreams, I could never fathom such congestion. I want to blow my nose so badly. I am gingerly cleaning it because I am still afraid to hurt it.


i would love to see your pics post op
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Yes I canNot wait until Tuesday for cast removal! I've got this puffy thing going on with my top lip that I wouldn't mind adopting full time however
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Hahahaha it was the best!! I said the same thing. My lips are on the smaller side and I absolutely loved when they were swollen.

For the duration of my course on the antibiotics,...

For the duration of my course on the antibiotics, I shan't be partaking of any food nor drink that isn't of the jello, clear soup, water, or fresh juice variety. What happened to me in the facilities earlier, should never happen to decent, honest folk. I thought pain like that was only experienced on fresh meat night in male prisons.
I do not wish to talk about this, EVER.
I just want a hug.....and a reliable stool softener.


Girl... I know exactly how you feel. I had to quit smoking for my surgery so I swear I was constipated for about 3 months on and off. Brutal.
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that's the worst kind of pain...I thought there was a knife in my stomach O.O
feel better!
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The reveal when cast comes off!
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Cast Off yesterday. So happy to be rid of that...

Cast Off yesterday. So happy to be rid of that thing. Per the work, I'm not 100% there yet. I have so much obvious swelling that I can't "get there" with the changes yet. I can say that the overall shape is much improved and the width is definitely better. From what I see so far, I can't see this NOT shaping up to be improved. The bulbous tip swelling hasn't subsided and probably won't for another month, but I knew that going in so I'll wait it out. I'm cool with that. Also when the cast was removed, swelling returned to my eye area (another reason why I can't get there) . He removed about half the stitches and will do the other half on Friday. I decided to work from home for the rest of the week and will go in Monday, that ought to buy me some time.

Still congested but that's getting better. Dr. P was really good at addressing my concerns and reassured me its part of the process. Pretty common, its a waiting game now. Oh the adhesive gunk that was on my face was horrible. I couldn't wait to get home and scrub up, only you can't really scrub up because the nose is so swollen and fragile still. I had one breakout, under my nose, no doubt from ointment appliction. I was diligent in using a Clear Pore astringent on the other areas of my face daily while in the cast. I've switched cleansers. My usual is a glycolic and kinda intense and I can see that stinging where sutures are so I am relying on a cream based for now.

Hopefully optimistic!

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I’m getting there! Everyday there are...

I’m getting there! Everyday there are improvements. Today was first day back in the office. Even the 2 people in the office that are always in my face and would notice if an eyelash was out of place didn’t notice where I think the changes are noticeable. I still have internal stitiches that he is taking out Friday. Some of the nose like the tip and side of the bridge are sensitive to touch. I would really love a good facial but I guess I better wait on that. I did find a cleansing pad that I can use to wash my face without pressure. I did a 3 mile walk yesterday


Some people don't see a difference in mine, either! I think I look totally different, though. This week I've been breaking out bad so keep cleaning you're face really well to try to prevent that. :)
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