Can Marlex Mess Be Removed from my Stomach? - Medford, OR

At age 28 i had endometriosis that ended in a...

At age 28 i had endometriosis that ended in a total historectomy and the removal of my lower stomach muscle. The muscle was replaced with what i believe is called Marlex Mesh. This mesh has been causing me alot of pain over the last 10 years. In 2004 i had a tummy tuck and the pain subsided until a couple of years ago when the pain came back.

I would like to know if this can be fixed? Or will i have to live with this pain forever?

At this point im willing to try anything that would help

Sherry fletcher

Portland Plastic Surgeon

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Welcome to the community.  I am sorry you have had years of pain..Yuck!  I feel terrible for you and hope this is resolved soon.  

Keep me up to date on how you are doing.  

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