Breast Lift and Augmentation/ Rhinoplasty - Medellin, Colombia

I will going to Medellin, Colombia in 3 weeks. I...

I will going to Medellin, Colombia in 3 weeks. I am very nervous about the procedures but very determined to have them done. I've been shopping around for items I may need before my surgery. Any words of encouragement are appreciated :-)
I promise I will keep you girls updated in this journey. This site has helped me a lot and I hope my posts help you as well :-)

Surgey will be on June close :-/

Nervous and excited :-/

Surgery is next Monday!!! :-/

My emotions are like a roller-coaster right now, one minute I am very excited and happy about the procedures, the next one I am afraid and thinking of not doing anything. I am only 28, and I have my daughter that needs me... I just want to wake up and be ok
I will be flying to Medellin this Friday. I wish my boyfriend would come with me but he is not :-( . Thank God, I have family there to help me and support me. This website has helped me as well, thank you all very much for sharing your stories. I will definitely continue sharing mine :-)
Happy Monday!!!

My breast are so horrible! Surgery is on Monday

Doctor took some pics, it's so sad to look at my breast and realize how bad they look. I am very depressed because I'm no looking forward to have so many scars :-(
I'm only 28 years old. However, I know is the only way my breast can look better. All my pre-op exams were good, so everything is ready for Monday at 7am!!
WIsh me good luck!!! Thank you girls!!!

Surgery is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

OMG I can't believe tomorrow is the big day. I'm having a panic attack!!! Please wish me the best of luck!! :-( I really hope everything goes well!!

Went well

Surgery went well...


In pain

I am in so much pain from my breast. Cant barely move and breath. This is horrible :-( tomorrow i will have my first post op appointment. Not looking forward to have my surgical bra off

Pics day 2

Feeling much better..,

Today I had my first post-op appointment. It went good. I am healing better good and I dont have as much pain as before. I am still pretty sore and swell up but Its getting better. Tomorrow, when I take my first shower and I will post some pictures! Thank you everyone for you messages of encouragement

Pics 4th day

:-) just tool my first shower!!

More pics

I look pregnant :-(

My stomach is so big!! I look so bloated :-(
Lots of pressure in my chest, difficult to breath

Day 5!!

Too high!! I hope they drop soon

Day 6 pics

What do you think??

Day 8

Friday I will have my stitches taken off ( well I hope I do)
PS said I needed to started massaging down my breast very careful. Everything is looking great and I really love my nose!! Need a little more patience with my breasts, hoping they'll turn great

Day 11

Day 12 :-)

Slowly but they are dropping. Love my nose


:-( skin separation, and stitches again!

When they removed my stitches last monday, there was still an opening of 1cm where the horizontal and vertical incisions meet. i was restitched again! :-( i am also in antibiotics. Feeling very depressed. There is also some skin separation along one of the vertical incisions. Horrible feeling. I hope they heal and nicely.

A little better today

At least I think.. :-(

Depression, very upset

Please never choose a surgeon outside of the US. My implants were infected and were removed yesterday, I am in so much pain physically and emtionally, i cant stop crying

Sorry deleted it everything

It is too painful, i qwill be closing the account soon as well,
Thank you everyone
Milton Rincon

Implants were infected, when I came back to the US they had to be removed. Going through so much pain, should had never went to Colombia PS was not careful enough

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Thank you everyone for your words and thoughts. I am doing much better now. I wanted to just forget about this experience, and I closed the account. But I wish I didn't because you all deserve an update of how I am doing. Thank God I went to Mass General Hospital when I noticed something was not right on my incisions, in fact they were infected ! . Dr. Chien-Wei Eric Liao, was my hero. He is the best plastic surgeon, he removed my implants, cleared me from all the infection, and made my breasts look very nice! They are small but pretty :-) He is so smart, caring, and patient. I can't post pics anymore because the account is closed but email me and I will send the pics of how my breasts look now. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. Wish you all the best!! I might do a breast augmentation in a year when my body has healed up, but this time I won't be going anywhere outside the US! and my PS will be Dr. Liao!! ;-)
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I am so glad you are doing better and you had a skilled surgeon there to help!!
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I'm so glad I saw this, I was just wondering about how you were doing earlier today. Glad to hear your body is healing and you are in a happier state of mind! Thanks for updating!
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I'm so sorry, that's all I can say really. You must feel terrible, physically and emotionally. I'll be thinking of you and really hoping things will turn out well.
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My God I'm so sorry for what happened to you! Haven't you thought about suing your doctor?
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Oh, no. I just stopped by to check on you and I'm so sorry... :-( I don't have any words that can make you feel better, but I feel like I can understand how you feel, and my prayers definitely go out to you. Time will heal all of your pain. Take care!
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Oh my! I am so sorry to hear that.. I feel so bad for you. I wish you a fast and easy recovery from here on out. Will you be able to reinsert implants once you are healed?
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I am so so ssorry. My prayers go out to you. Things will get better. A ps here will help you and fix everything
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Oh no !!! I'm so sorry . I feel horrible for you right now .. How did you find out they were infected ? Oh honey are you okay though ? What is the doctor here saying ?
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Sorry you hit a little rough patch there in your healing. From the last pics you posted, it looks like they were already getting much better. How are you doing now?
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That looks a lot better! From what I have read the separation there with the anchor incision is not uncommon, so much pressure from the surgery. I am sure you will heal fine! It already looks well on it's way.
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That is what my PS told me. Still I wanted everything to go without any complications, it makes me worry and sad. Thank you for your words
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Hey hope your feeling better today :) how is the Incision looking today ? I'm freaking myself out because the damn nurse said mine are to tight and doctor may need to prescribe medication . My brain goes to the worst case scenario ... Capsular contractor having to have them removed . Which I had no breast tissue to begin with so ill be ruined after all this .. I literally go into panic attacks through out the day ... Trying not to .. Feelings of regret . But I guess it's all normal to feel .. Can't wait to see what doctor says Tuesday . Hoping for good news . I do love having them :)To me they feel much softer and settled .. I wouldn't be worried if the nurse didn't make me worry :/ oh well time to be a big girl and live with my decision and hope for the best .. I think yours look good . Just keep the incision clean and they should be fine . Do you video chat with your doctor for him to check up on them now that your back in the states ?
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Feeling pretty down. I am worry as hell. Today, they look a little better than yesterday, it looks like they are forming scab but is yellow, not sure why. Yes, I ve been video chating with him, he is great and reassures me that everything is going to be ok. He is a certified plastic surgeon and very professional. Trying to stay calm. I honestly understand how you feel and I really hope we both get throught this soon ;-)
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Surgery was today! Eek! I was so scared cried for a large part of last night. So far so good though. Looking to you as my guru as of now! Thank you for putting your story out there :)
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I really hope you start feeling better soon. Be patient, it takes time.
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Lol... Nice! :-) Looking good!
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Thank you!! You are looking great as well!
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Thanks!!! :-)
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Hello so since we had surgery the same day .. I'm just wondering if your are softening up any ? My doctor has me constantly massaging every two hours ... And they are a little softer but at my last post op the RN that sees me for these appointments said they weren't moving around as easily as they should be the implant .. Rhere still very stiff ..And the doctor will be evaluating me himself at my next appointment to see if medication is needed ? Just wondering how your are doing ?
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They are a little hard but softer than before. I started massaging them and its going well.
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Your nose looks absolutely perfect! It doesn't look 'done', it just looks fabulous. Your implants are dropping nicely too!
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The nose looks amazing!! I hope I get results as good as those! Don't really know how it looked before though a before pic would be nice. Overall you look great! The breasts are already so much better and your facial bruising is basically gone! You are beautiful
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I think your breasts look like they have dropped some from day 6 to day 9 and the shape is already looking very good. Your nose is perfect, and you are very pretty anyway! Glad to hear you are starting to feel a little better. :-)
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Thank you, I am getting very impatient :-( my left one is not dropping at all. I don't like how they look now. Hoping with time they drop and heal nicely
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