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I I've a tummy tuck about a week ago. When the...

I I've a tummy tuck about a week ago. When the doctor took off the bandage, I was terrified. Nothing like I anticipate bc I have have seen many picture from other people who just got tummy done as well. The skin line is ridiculously pounded up in so many part not evenly tiched. My upper belly is bolging out and the belly button is crooked. My lipo is in flanks is not what I though it would be that so little it doesn't show a decent curve like he promised when I went for consultation. For for what I see, when he marked before, I did just a little bit of skin which I thought that was too little since I h had a lot of elastic skin. Right now, I'm so depressed when everytime I look at the skin line scar. IT IS clearly SHOWS what such a SLOPPY job he did on me being that I am only 105bls a small petite body like this but he failed to perform a excellent job. I know everyone would tell me to be patient or the doctor but common, from the new scar or not, it should a bit reasonable so you'll have a idea how it will turn out in the end. He told me the skin line that look pouched up is no problem. You will massage it then it'll be fine! Wow! What a real promise for the solution! Anybody have thus similar proble, please share bc I'm worried sick and extremely disappointed.

I've seen many pictures of tummy tuck which just...

I've seen many pictures of tummy tuck which just being couple of days. Of course it doesn't look good or swollen but you can tell when it heals, it heal evenly bc when it looks bad, it looks bad evenly. I can't even express how I'm afraid of looking at my body bc of everything is looking so wrong and it does not seem a bit potentially better eventually. This job can be done better by someone even at their presidency. I'm just disappointed. Another doctor quoted $2000 and I didn't chose him but now i see he would have done a much better job bc I see his before and after pictures fresh of the surgery and three months later. So extremely disappointed!

"I mean the other doctor quoted me $2000 less" not...

"I mean the other doctor quoted me $2000 less" not "$2000"!

Ok, I went to see d dr for follow up, he was so...

Ok, I went to see d dr for follow up, he was so aggressively talking over me how he was doing his job for years like when I wasn't born. He said I thought you were smart bc thus is a hair cut where youll see result right away... Great! No need to insult my intelligence. I'm smarter than he thinks. I am 40 yrs woman married with two kids and successful biz owner but some how he was arrogant euf to talk to me like was a kid to him. I couldn't talk or express myself about concern or ask a question. He was just talking and at last he tried to lose some of the incisions. At the end, I managed to just say "why one side of my belly is so bulging out n the other is so flattened in" he laughed and walked out of the room... Lets me tell you, if the job would look good eventually or not, you def can tell. Right now, the belly button is crooked, what an art on it...one side is awful looking than the other the incisions are still looking nasty, the flanks was not lipo-ed right. Oh my f*** god, this a effing crabby job I've got done. I would not chose him if it was free if I knew. I will post some new pics now. And next time I won't allow him to talk to me the same way.

I've added new photos.... And I am so scared to my...

I've added new photos.... And I am so scared to my husband. H would be furious if he sees this. I told him..."you can't look at it for the next 5 months" I'm buying time in the hope for it to get better or to get fixed in somehow someway or even somewhere else!



I developed an infection and it still looking...

I developed an infection and it still looking horrible. Nowhere near happy yet but I have to be patient. The least of what I can do is have some faith. It hurt so much and was swelling so the doctor gave some antibiotic so it helps a bit now. Wish me luck. All of you ladies are awesome! Thanks so much for checking up:-). I uploaded some new pics there

My infection is getting worse! The wounds are open...

My infection is getting worse! The wounds are open bigger even though I try to clean it everyday and change the gauze. It hurts more and more and the areas get hot. I'm taking antibiotics and pain killers. There are a lot of thing that I'm so irritated and frustrated but I'm not going to say it here. I'm leaking blood and mucus everyday and its awful to look at the wounds. They look nasty. Good god in heaven, it's my luck! New photos!

Hey all fab ladies! Thanks for checking up on me...

Hey all fab ladies! Thanks for checking up on me all the time...I guess you really feel sorry for me lol. I know I have to b possitive. All my life, I deal with things that don't come my ways so I'm used to it. So I went to see him on Monday, fe did take out another suture that didn't absorb into my body. The infect went down a good amount from swelling. He was a bit nice to me and seemed to be reasonable a little bit. He said he'd fix it if there will be something in four months. But again, that's not what you want to go through you know. You'll have to get on antibiotic and pain killers and going through pain once again. I'm just glad the infection is better. I seriously didnt anticipate all of this complication but I have to move forward. My flanks are now looking funny and I have the R look. It's so bizarre. I can't wear any pants or jeans bc I never had that before! Bad ass lucks!!

I was gona stay away from this public review thing...

I was gona stay away from this public review thing here and stay patient until everything settle in result then I'd wrap it up in sum about my experience, but as I see there is a post responds to my experience that's so obvious so I'm gona say something here. I am a biz owner and I can understand how important a reputation is. I am not here to bash anyone. The sad thing is my surgery was fucked up in several ways rather than some one could just complain about the dr. bedside manner or staff or blah blah blah! As if right now, I have to move forward and wait until I'm heal then will request to get it fixed and hopefully he mess it up worse. He seems to be decent and that's only when he wants to be. My left side of belly as I have always complained that its rock hard below and a pocket above. I can pull the floppy out with my hands. My belly button is still crooked even he said it will get better. And, the belly button is still looking horrible, it's so big and so not neat. Common, this cosmetic job, not that I needed to have, so get it straight it should look good as cosmetically people! Now, my hips, forget it! They no ways can fit any pants bc the pulling of skin from the waist makes them bigger. Even I can get it fixed, why would it be done right in the fisrt place? So please spare me some "Miss Susanva," this has def messed up my life in the way of leveling my stress, depression, sadness and I confidence. I'm a very honest and fair person I don't want hurt someone's reputation at all. I could in fact tell you more things that probably why it is so bad as it is but lets not go there bc no point. I will keep positive and will wait until I can get everything straighten out one way or another! Ps. I am still leaking blood here and there almost everyday...after almost two month. WTH!

I meant that "hopefully he won't mess it up worse...

I meant that "hopefully he won't mess it up worse above."

And I mean the rating and everything else can be changed accordingly how my experience and my tummy tuck is fixed later on. I believe there is practice mistake and it can be fixed if a doctor makes efforts for ethical reason. It's just unfortunately it has to be me. And i think Most doctor would love to operate on my body bc it's a petite one, not much of complication, I'm 105 bls, how hard can it be? Im seeing a spychiatrist and different doctors for it. I have to fight the situation to go on with life and keep smiling for my two beautiful daughters. But so sad!

Seriously, I don't know what heck is going on with...

Seriously, I don't know what heck is going on with me...is it my body or this ps really screwed up my surgery. After two months, I am getting so swollen now. I look like I'm 5 months pregnant. I have been trying to be so patient and suppressing my emotion and feelings about my tummy tuck but the last three days I'm just so angry and broke down. I don't think I can't take his anymore. My belly is bulging out more and more. Right where the upper belly it swelling so much and it hurts too. When I touch, I can feel the sutures poking my skin. The left side of my belly looks like I was born with defection omg!! My belly button is getting bigger, shouldn't the swelling come down by this time already? I think everyday my belly just looks worse. Anyone has this problem? Do you think 'no drain' TT give you this much swelling? I wish I just my old ugly belly back! Look at my pictures!
Vienna Plastic Surgeon

I found him online and he convinced he was the best and would do agreat job at the consultation appt. the most regretful thing I've done in my life is choosing this doctor

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Dear patient, I am so sorry that you had to go through a period of doubt and worry regarding your normal healing with abdominoplasty. I am glad that a year after surgery you are satisfied with your results. Surgery takes both an emotional and physical toll from us but rest assured that we are always here to help you along your healing path.
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I want to go to him for smart lipo now I'm scared :(
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I wouldn't go to him for anything. ..
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I wouldn't go to him either. My breast reduction left terrible scars! I would of been better off getting the anchor cut the way he left it! Would never recommend anyone! Told me to wait a year and It's almost 2 years and the scars look terrible.
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Dear patient, I'm so disappointed that you are not happy and have not contacted me sooner. Scarring is based on individual genetics. Some scar well, others less well. Waiting a year before a scar revision is what is the best way to address scars that are unsightly. An anchor scar would have left you with even more scarring! Please feel free to come in for a scar revision which can be performed under local anesthesia in the office.
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hey frank gal, you ok? worried about you!!
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i think its time u look for a lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u have a case sweetie!
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Hey Frank Gal, checking on you! Hope all is getting better, I think about you a lot!
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Hey! How's it all going? You haven't posted in a bit
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Hey ms lady how's it going? Hope all is well
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frankgal, what did Dr. t say?
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Hey Frankgal , I have constantly had you in my thoughts and Prayers. I have had an extended TT also with no drain. My biggest fear was that the surgeon would mess up. I was heartbroken to see your earlier pics nobody deserves this. I must honestly say that your tummy is looking much much better. You need to take someone with the next time you go to the doc. Maybe this will help you be more assertive with him. Just remember things can only get better. Try motivating yourself by looking back and seeing how far you have come in such a short space of time. Much Love from South Africa....
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Hey how are you doing? Just wanted to check on you! Hope all is well!
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Mrs Diva...there is nothing wrong with you ..it the F__ckface doctor who has you in this depressive ass state ..hell anyone or us that follows u would be in if we experienced this..so your mind is right. I thank u for sharin. Your story the good the bad an the ugly ...I set my journey also to share like you...I think the fluid sounds like its building up under your skin...an if thats the case it needs to be drained...lemmme ask u a question ..hun you sought out at least two other sergeons who can do your next surgery...the reason I ask is so they can see the mistakes the other Dr made an do a assessment ..also ..contacting the certified board of plastic surgeons an file a complaint to ensure a record is keep how every long time passes after u...I will do some reaserch to help u find some other solutions for you...ill be in touch diva ...Hold on babeee hold on..we here always
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Oops and yes I think the drainless procedure does effect if u have fluid build up..but I have seen some doctors results good ..but not for me I needed a extended tummy tuck ..I think the stainless came from the idea u don't need a drain like in a c section ..so if u were getting a minituck I think u would have been a good canidate..but not for a tummy tuck full
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thinking about you frankgal. how are you doing? did you visit Dr. T?
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Seeing him tomorrow. Still in a deep disappointment the TT still look ridiculous ;(
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I'm so sorry! update your pics and let us know what Dr. T says please!
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I swelled the worst at 7 weeks - I looked pregnant, like a beach ball. My belly button stuck out too. I was worse as day went on. It gradually got better with each passing week though. You still swell for up to 6 months after surgery. Even though it is cosmetic, it is still very major surgery & it takes very long to fully heal.
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Looking at your pictures your incision looks better, you will noticed that the swelling gets worse when you do too much physical stuff and/or you eat food high in sodium BUT you will most likely be done with the swelling maybe by your 3-4 post op month... NOW have you thought of going to a Infectious Disease doctor to help you treat your wound? maybe your PS is not treating you the right way, hope you get better, physically and mentally and eventually be able to enjoy your new belly ....
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Hi Frakgal. I'm sorry your struggling. I had a not drain TT as well. I dont think it should make an difference. In a drainless TT my surgeon explained that they use PTS (progressive tension sutures) to sew the flap back down to the torso making it lay better and less room in between for fluid to collect. You may want to ask if he did this to you. I must say though I did have a complication and had a tiny leak for about 4 weeks and that help with the swelling. When it closed at 6 weeks I did swell more and still swell if I eat the wrong foods. When I swell now I wear my CG at night and it goes back down. Please hang in there and stay away from salty and processed foods and drink water like crazy. Lean protein, vitamin C, fresh fruit and veg and lots of water and rest and keep wearing a snug CG as much as possible. All these things should help with the battle of swelling which is a constant battle for all of us. Prayers your way that you feel better soon. Try and have a merry christmas with your family! xx
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Sorry you are feeling so bad, I know you have been struggling. We all have ups/downs on the swelling. Looks like infection has resolved? No open wounds and incision has improved. Has your ps been responsive to your concerns? I hope you can enjoy the holidays.
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the swelling is normal . . . Even at 6 months out almost I still get crazy swollen at times, especially when I am sick. I know you have had a lot of issues with the surgery so I cant tell you if the swelling is excessive b/c of the issues or just the surgery yourself.
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I pray that you can get this fixed. I am so sorry you're going thru this. I had a very bad cosmetic experience years ago and it changed my life (for the worse). I couldn't stop crying. I can understand what you're going thru and it is so unfair. You put your life in someone's hands. I will keep you in my prayers. Remember those precious daughters and be strong!
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Thanks so much and I hope you also find courage to forget what happened to you too.
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