This Pain is Killing Me! Really! - McLean, VA

Purchased a deal from Groupon. I am crossing my...

Purchased a deal from Groupon. I am crossing my fingers that this procedure will yield positive results. Because the pain is kicking my behind. This is the fourth day after the Coolsculpting and I am in more pain than the first day. The best way to describe the procedure is when your excess fat is sucked into the cooling panels, it feels like a painful mammogram on steroids.

During the initial 10 minutes, the pain subsided and became numb. After the procedure, the dermis felt numb while the fatty tissue felt tender to the touch. Lastly, my stomach is very swollen and I have been wearing loose fitting close.

I can only say at this point, I have to rush off this review, due to the fact that I have to find some painkillers to get me through the night. I will update my review when Im in less pain.

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I really feel for you and went through the same exact thing. I am at day 11 post-treatment w/excruciating pain still that no medicine will help. Hang in there, you are not alone and my thoughts are with you. :)
Try cold packs to the area, it may help.
I am 1 week out from coolsculpting to my lower abs using a groupon deal. I am still experiencing some mild pain too. I just keep thinking "DEATH TO THE FAT CELLS" :)! Hang in...I hope both of our results are all worth it!

No more pain!!! I'm just experiencing mild itching...

No more pain!!! I'm just experiencing mild itching. Noticing slight a slight reduction in fat. Will update in 2 weeks.
Painful!!! I missed 2 days of work because I couldn't walk. AND the results are six months later - my stomach is still swollen and looks worse than before the procedure!
Thanks for your support! I'm feeling much better now. My swelling has gone down and I believe I see a little reduction I my tummy. Those cold packs helped! I was in so much pain when I wrote my review, I just remembered this evening. LOL! Best Wishes.
Thanks for your support! My swelling has finally gone down and I believe that my tummy is a little smaller. I hope my observation is correct and not due to the reduction of previous swelling related to the procedure. Best of luck.
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