Tummy Tuck Three Weeks Later with Hysterectomy - Hoping I Did the Right Thing - Maryland, MD

I had to get a hysterectomy and added tummy tuck...

I had to get a hysterectomy and added tummy tuck with abdominal repair. Although I am still about 25 pounds overweight, I am amazingly flat where I looked about 3 months pregnant. I had twins that were almost 9 pounds each 10 years ago,and my son was large. I definately needed to get this done and I am trying to be happy how I look but in addition to the obvious pain I am in, I still feel very tight. It has improved from three weeks ago, however, I am finding when I eat I get full fast, which is fine but I feel uncompfortable and it has aggravated my GERD. Please tell me I will feel close to normal soon. I want to begin walking again and lose this nasty 25 pounds.

Hi Manhattan,

Hold on tight and it will get better.  I was only able to eat about a half cup of food at a time for the first month.  I would fill up so quickly and it felt as if it was sitting in my throat.  It eases up by about 5-6 weeks. 

This is a very hard process but you will get better.  I took Tagamet and that helped me. 

Go slow and get plenty of rest.  You do not want to push yourself so hard because it will slow the healing process.

Congratulations on your new body!

I hope you are feeling better. Try to use this as a tool to help get the 5lbs off. Make healthier choices when eating and eat less that what makes you uncomfortable more often. So small meals through out the day instead of just three meals.
Manhattan, heartburn was one of the worst things for me the first 2 weeks. I couldn't eat a whole meal, but found if I ate bland foods 8-10 times a day I felt better. I'm 3 weeks/3days post op and I'm eating more now. I read that when the skin is pulled so tight the stomach doesn't have as much room to expand, which makes sense. Also if you are wearing any kind of garment that puts pressure on your insides. I'm feeling so much more normal in the last 3 days. Hang in there, you are almost back to feeling like you (the new and improved you).
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My doctor was at Johns Hopkins. Amazing group of doctors no question.

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