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I had 11 treatments on my stomach. Each time they...

I had 11 treatments on my stomach. Each time they would heat up my lip nodes at the top of my thighs, it burned so bad. Then the treatments would send shock thru my body. I also had hot spots in my tummy. I did everything they told me to do. It was such a waste of money. They will not give your money back either. I referred three of my friends and they did NOT have ANY results either. I would not recommend this again!

What Dr??? There was not a DR

It did NOT work.

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Very sorry to hear that, and yes I agree that treatments with such results always disappoint us. There are lots of creams are available in the market which gives much better results than what you get from treatments that you mentioned above.
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I am so sorry to hear you feel it was a waste  of your money. I think all of us who struggle with cellulite have bought into something like this at one point or another, and its always so disappointing when you don't see results.

Not sure if you have heard of Cellulaze yet or not, but it seems to legitimately be correcting cellulite problems. It is pretty expensive because its a laser surgery that has to be performed by a doctor, but check out some of the reviews by the ladies who have had it done. I think you will like hearing their stories.

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