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I am so excited to have everything completed and...

I am so excited to have everything completed and ready to go for the surgery! So far, I have had a psych evaluation, meeting with an nutritionalist, a Weight Loss Surgery Seminar put on by my surgeon, two hours long. I have been attending a monthly weight loss support group, and last but not least an EGD (scope of the esophogus.)

I am nervous, excited and after my mom's heart attack two weeks ago, if I wasn't 100% sure, I know I am now. She is the same weight as I am 250, and has High Blood Pressure, Diabeties and GERD all from being obese. I am borderline for all three.. well I do have GERD, but mild. She also has other things going on, not necessarily weight related but overall not taking care of oneself.

I hope to have a surgery date in January 2013. I just wish it would get here already and I hope all the paperwork is in order for the insurance approval. I should know around December 21 and I am wishing for Christmas to have a January surgery date!

I just put Jan 7 in the calendar as wishful thinking!

Please cross you fingers! I am ready for this!


Hi there, how are you doing? We'd love an update!

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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for deciding to share your journey with us. I hope you're insurance comes through, I'll be keeping my fingers, and everything else, crossed for you!

It's a huge decision to make, but one that hopefully will completely change your life for the better. I am int he same situation myself and it's a very tough road to go down, but hopefully worth it!

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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Maui General Surgeon

Dr. Chasen is just setting up his bariatric practice on Maui. He has done 400+ surgeries in Georgia. I am hoping to be in his top 10, the first chosen patients to begin the Bariatric program on Maui.

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