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First Time with Restylane to Fill in Under Eyes - Matthews, NC

I has Restylane done to fill in under my eyes and...

I has Restylane done to fill in under my eyes and I have quite severe brusing which I did not expect. It is only day 3 so I cannot assess yet if I think it was worth it - pricey too. I would just be aware of the bruising even though I am sure it varies.

how are you right now.. it turns 11 months ! what have you done ? are you fine ?
After the bruising went away, everything was good. I liked the results but for me they were minimal compared to the cost and recovery time. I've been told most people don't bruise like I did.
Most people don't bruise as you did...but many people are unaware of all the things that can make you more susceptible to bruising. The top offenders are medications and pain relievers or aspirin; then supplements like Vitamin E and fish oils. Next in line is injection technique. The under eye area is extremely delicate, so the injector must take care to inject slowly with the least trauma possible. Under eye fillers should really only be injected by ophthalmologists or highly skilled dermatologists or plastic surgeons who know where the "safe" areas are.
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I think he did a fine job, just wish I had more info on the recovery.

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