3 Week Post Re-swelling from Restylane, How is This Possible?

I had my sister in law who is a RN, very...

I had my sister in law who is a RN, very experienced, has been working under a Plastic Surgeon for years- injected Restylane in my "laugh lines". (She did if for free) Next day had alot of swelling up to my nose, just under my eyes and upper lip area. Swelling went down in a couple days with ice and Ibuprofen. 3 wks later my face re-swelled just like before. Looks awful! She called the company in California, they never heard of such a long time btw the first injection reaction, then again in 3 wks. Her Plastic Surgeon thinks my body is rejecting it?

I'm going for the antidote on Saturday, hope this works, I'm just worried that I will have deeper folds than I originally started with. I'm only 39 and will never touch my face again!

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Do your homework before taking the risks of the side effects.

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yes I just have filler injections and am now post week and all of a sudden the swelling just hits. And I am wondering WTF?
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What filler did you have? Restylane?
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It is absolutely possible. You are lucky that you have the thinner one, I have the thickest and have some swelling left after 11 m.
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all these symptoms are related to Restyalne-its what you can expect. Its what most of us sign paper work agreeing to.
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