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29 Year Old Mother of Two - Massachusetts

I had so much lose skin due to having my children...

I had so much lose skin due to having my children and losing a large number of weight. When I was pregnant with both children I gained over 70 pounds. I am only 5 ft tall so that put a huge impact on my body.

Weight before Tummy Tuck: 113 pounds
Height: 5ft

I found this site after my procedure which took place on June 23,2011

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Really wow who did you see?
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Hi Angiemcc,

Thank you..

It certainly did do a number on me. I must say I'm starting to get back to myself, back to work and just taking it easy. I did walk the tredmill the other day.. I figured I'm 4 wks so that wouldn't affect anything! When do people ushally start working out again?..
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I am also in MA and in the process of looking for a PS. I hope to have a tummy tuck in a few months. I have only seen 2 PS so far and both are double the price of what you paid. Do you mind telling me who you used? I am so confused right now on how to find the right PS. Thanks!
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Thanks for sharing with us here on RealSelf! 70 pounds will certainly do a number on your bod. How are you feeling almost a month post-op?

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