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Swelling After Radiesse - Massachusetts

I had 1 1/2 syringes of Radiesse put in my cheeks...

I had 1 1/2 syringes of Radiesse put in my cheeks about 24 hours ago. I'm kinda freaking out because i look like a chipmunk and as of right now I'm totally regretting this.

I called my Doctor in a panic and she said it's only swelling and it will go down. I'm hoping she's right and I'm not just over filled. I have large bumps on both sides of my nose where she did the injections and i look ridiculous.

So much for no down time I refuse to go out in public.

OK it's been 6 days and my face looks much better no more chipmunk cheeks (thank goodness!!). I wish i had been more prepared for the swelling because the "little swelling" my doctor told me i might have was not so "little". I can see the way the radiesse is settling and i'm kinda bummed that the hollows under my eyes are still noticable. My doctor told me if this was the case i would have to have a little Juvederm injected there(can't use radiesse under the eyes) and after the last 6 days i'm not looking forward to having this done. So anyone out there looking to have this done please be aware that there is swelling so do it when you don't have to go out in public for a couple of days.
OK it's now been 48 Hours. Still swollen and bruised but doesn't seem quite as bad as yesterday. However the left side of my face is way bigger than the right??? I hope it's just because of the swelling. here's hoping i look better tomorrow it my anniversary and i have to go out to supper with my husband...Yikes!!!!
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