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Hi- I've gone to two doctors in the Boston area...

I've gone to two doctors in the Boston area for rhinoplasty consultations,and I'm feeling confused. I go into the appointments with questions, and do my prep work, but still leave having only a vague idea of what the doctor's plan is for my rhinoplasty, although they've explained what they'd like to do.

I need advice from people who've had rhinoplasties in the past. How much do you just end up trusting your doctor and leave it to him, hoping he'll get it right, or how much explicit detail do you insist on getting? Do I ask for pictures, as well as a written description? When I asked a top-rated doctor in Boston for referrals, he told me that they didn't give them, as people "these days" are reluctant to admit that they've had any work done. Are these surgeons so overly-confident that they have no idea what we, as prospective patients are looking for? I'm going to see Dr. Constantian at the end of January and am hoping he'll stand out from the rest and my decision will be made for me.
Thanks for any advice!


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Some doctors do digital imaging and give you photos and others don't. It's no reflection on their skills. But do make sure you feel as if you and your surgeon are communicating well on what you do and don't want. 

Here's a list of questions to ask.

Don't be afraid to go on a few more consultations until you feel satisfied by the level of communication.

Keep us posted!

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Does anyone know of any online web sites that let...

Does anyone know of any online web sites that let you upload a picture and see what different noses would look like?

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Digital imaging and additional consult?

I've scheduled my surgery for July and went over all of my paperwork tonight, but am still not feeling 100% that my surgeon and I have the same goals in mind. This particular doctor doesn't use digital imaging, and I wish he did, as I'm having a difficult time getting a visual in my mind. He wrote out what he would be doing to my nose in his surgical notes, but I'm still feeling like I have questions. I'm considering calling his office to set up a third consultation. Is this being too picky, or is it ok to be overly sure?
Thanks for any input.


Your surgeon should definitely make you feel like you are not stepping on any toes by wanting to initiate a third consult. Don't be afraid to request more. I definitely wish I would have had more than two. Do not be afraid to speak up and ask questions, and if you are made to feel like a bother, then maybe look into other doctors and see if you get a better feeling from them. Good luck!
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Thank you so much for your support. I did book a third consult for this Wednesday and that will determine whether or not I go through with it. Thanks for the good advice.
Thank you! :)
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