Retin-a Works Miracles

Retin-a is a miracle treatment. First of all you...

Retin-a is a miracle treatment. First of all you paid waaaay too much for it and, secondly you didn't give it enough time to start working and for the negative side effects to stop. You really should have done your research fellas. there is always a red itchy rashy looking period. For some people it lasts longer than others. Once you get over it it really improves texture and evens out skin tone dramtically. You're missing out really. Sacrafices leads to the best reward!

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Thank you for letting me know the red spots will go away. They burn and are blotchy on my face. My chin got it the worst and is all dried up and is cracking. My face really burns when I wash it. I believe I tried using it too much too soon. I used it for four days and nights in a row at 0.5 concentrate. I will wait for the bad results to go away. I wrote a longer comment and question before I read your article. Thank you so much, Tamm0449
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