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I did no research before having the Zoom treatment...

I did no research before having the Zoom treatment performed by my dentist. What a mistake. It's 2 hours since the treatment was done and I am crying in agony from the "zingers". They are the worst kind of pain because it's like waves of nerve pain that don't respond well to ibuprofen...or even Vodka for me right now. I broke my arm a few years ago and would gladly trade that pain for this tooth discomfort.

Yes, as of right now my teeth are five shades whiter but honestly I would not have done this procedure had I read more about it.

For those of you thinking about it, consider this: If you have experienced sensitivity from over-the-counter whitening strips (I have, and should have used that as an indication of what I might be feeling now) expect to potentially feel that discomfort x10-15. I am not exaggerating. When the first "Zinger" happened during the treatment I was in shock at how intense it was.

Bottom line: If you know you are sensitive to peroxide treatments DO NOT DO ZOOM!

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I got no couseling before this procedure other than "read and sign this waiver". A dentist should personally take the time to discuss a patient's history with whitening treatments before performing Zoom.

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I concur!got op 20 from my dentist,tried it on day 1 for 3 hrs.the 'zingers' are insane!!rather have as many jabs as the dentist cares to give than have this pain.yes,teeth are whiter but this jolts of pain are on another level.its 3am & am awake cause i just cant fall asleep with this.
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Sorry to hear its keeping you up! I hope your teeth settle down quick.

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Thanks for sharing this info. I too am sensitive to the whitening strips & hate the little zaps associated with those. I can't even imagine it at 10-15X worse - yikes!! I have read that using fluoride treatments before zoom can help cut down the sensitivity, but I'm not sure how much. It would be interesting to hear from someone who is sensitive to strips but used a fluoride regiment before zoom and see what their take was. I do hope you have been enjoying the results of your new super white smile!
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