Larger Pores, Rosacea Worse, New Wrinkles, Age Spots

I had 3 treatments. My procedures (laser genesis)...

I had 3 treatments. My procedures (laser genesis) were not comfortable. Face extremely red...the 3rd treatment was the worst. No improvement in my facial appearance at all...huge pores on forehead and other pores larger as well. My rosacea got worse, not better and I have wrinkles and age spots I didn't have before. Wrinkles and age spots came practically overnight.

On 3rd treatment, noticed pain on my left temple and inflammation. Have had facial and head pain since my last treatment two months ago ending up in doctors' appointments and testing.

This should be a very comfortable procedure in the hands of a knowledgeable operator. while you will feel your skin get warm, there should be no pain. Either too high a setting or distance to skin was too close (2 cm is recommended)

Hi Alina,

Are you a doctor or dermatologist?



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Yes, I am an internist with an aesthetic practice. I use Laser Genesis
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After the first treatment, I brought discomfort and results to her attention and she dismissed my complaints and she didn't take a before picture like she said she was going to.

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