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Worried Sick - Massachusetts

I had dysport injections two days ago for my...

I had dysport injections two days ago for my forehead, brow area and crows feet. Not sure I really needed it in the crows feet area. After reading these reviews I am worried sick. Have issues been resolved? I see some posts where it hads been 9 months! I am so worried this will happen to me.


Did you ever experience any of the side effects you were worried about? alliesmom suggested you wait a few weeks and then see what happens. It's been a few weeks, is everything still OK? I certainly hope so. Thanks for the review and please let me know how your doing.


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I would say if nothing happens within 2-3 weeks you are in the clear and lucked out. My right side started to fall and I had a crooked smile a week after I got the injections and spread to some lower muscles and got worse on the other side up to four weeks then finally stopped. Be careful using these products including botox it only takes one time to have the same situation happen, Dr.s are human and make mistakes too.
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yes I have ready many people eyes droop and their cheeks sag. I am worried that will happen to me.
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Kind of pushed dysport. I would have preferred botox.

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