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The reason why I got the Vi Peel was because I was...

The reason why I got the Vi Peel was because I was told that it will significantly improve the texture and appearance of my face.

Granted that initially made my face dry, then eventually peeled, there were some areas of my face where it improved. But it wasn't the drastic improvement I was hoping for.

If the treatment was cheaper, then perhaps I would do it again to see if there was additional improvements. I don't want to pay $$$ till it goes down in price.

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Hi Lizzy, 

Other community members have mentioned when they have peels they too did not get the drastic improvements they hoped for, which is unfortunate, but I guess it just goes back to "it depends on the person." I feel you on the price, if you didn't see the results no major reason in paying for it. Please keep us updated if you do another procedure. 



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