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So Far, So Good with Vi Peel (Fair-skinned African American)

I'm writing my review from my honest experience. I...

I'm writing my review from my honest experience. I read so many horror stories on here I almost didn't get it done. I have very sensitive skin. I'm a fair skinned african american. I got the peel to reduce acne scars and uneven pigmentation.

I just had the VI peel done yesterday at 4pm. They applied the solution and it stung a little bit but it didn't hurt at all. I kept it on until the next morning and went about my daily routine. I woke up and washed my face, moisturized, applied sunblock and I put on some foundation on my skin to even it out so I'd feel more confident about how I looked today but there's nothing scarey looking about it at all.

I'm at work now and I'm going to the gym after work. I feel no discomfort or pain or stinging. My face just feels a little tight around the corners of my nose and on my chin. My face looked tanner afer the first application of the soultion. It looks like I went to beach and got a tan. I'm about a shade darker than my normal complexion and some of the scars became darker but I'm guessing all of this will peel off when the new skin emerges. I haven't started peeling yet as it is only the second day, but so far it is going just like the website for VI peel says it would go.

I plan to put more updates after the peeling begins and about my final results.


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Almost a year later how do you feel about your treatment? have you found success?
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Well....its official ladies and gentleman: THE VIPEEL DOES NOT WORK!!!!!I have just about completed my peeling process and I see absolutely no change in my hyperpigmented skin. Perhaps its still to early to tell, but I guess if there was going to be any improvement I would be seeing it by now. One thing I do know is that your skin looks great for about a week once the peeling process ends but after that Its back to normal. I am still looking at the same acne scars I had from a breakout I had 4 weeks ago that are still on my face despite having this peel. My face actually broke out horribly after my first peel. and the marks are still there. I jus started a new skin care program so Im hoping once i start this new program then have another peel, ima start to see better results. but so far, no good!!!
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Face was on fire all night long. i couldnt leave the peel on over night because it was burning too bad. this is my 3rd peel, but this was the first time i was not able to leave it on all night. i washed it off at like 1 o'clock this morning so it was on for a good 10 hours. im a little concerned as this has never happened before. i hope my skin is not burned. i applied hydrocortisone cream after i used the post peel towlette. i woke up this morning, still sore but not burning nearly as bad as i was. my skin is very tight. but im able to go out in public. i have to admit i am a little nervous this time. i never had the strong burning sensation last as long as it did. i will keep u updated.
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I am an African American woman and i jus had my 3rd ViPeel about 4 hrs ago. My face is still very red and it stings a bit but being that this is my 3rd one, i have come to expect this. Im getting the peels because I have very bad hyperpigmentation (from a previously botched dermabrasion procedure),and acne scarring. So far Im not seeing results as quickly as I'd hope to have been seeing them, but Im not giving up jus yet. I am 34 years old< i hae had bad skin all my life and i have honestly tried everything under the sun to correct my skin problems. The ViPeel is IT for me!!! If these dont work, IM GIVING UP FOR GOOD!!! im tired of wasting my money. Its so hard to find something that works on black skin. I mean REALLY, TRUELY WORKS... Ive seen before and after pics of African Americam women who have had the ViPeel and thats why I decided to try it. I will post updates of my procedure if anyone is interested.
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Yes, please keep us updated. Best to you.
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I would love to hear an update about the peel, healing process, and how your skin looked afterwards.
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Thanks for the info... Will be watching for your updates. I have an appointment scheduled next week.. still debating on if i will have it done. Best, Lee
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