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Hi all, I'm new to realself, although I have...

Hi all, I'm new to realself, although I have been on this website countless of times. I am a proud mommy of three beautiful kids and have a wonderful husband.

I had a surgery date of March 29,2011. I let my anxiety get the best of me. Once I recieved the "packet" and read the risks, I cancelled. I regret not doing it, I am dealing with depression and sometimes feel like I'm not being the best wife and Mom I know I am because I'm not happy. I feel so selfish, oh boy, here comes the tears. I live day by day, some days are better than others.

I started working out after my consultation, and have lost 15 lbs. I feel good about that, but have the hardest time looking at myself without clothes. I have tried creams, cover-up make-up, was willing to try sunless tanning, heard that's suppose to help with covering the stretch marks. I have looked into fraxel laser and titan to tighten the skin, for the money I would spend, they said I would not be happy. I looked into doing a mini tummy tuck, just so I could be awake, I have such a hard time not being in control. Again was told I would not be happy with the results. I don't want to teach my kids especially my daughter that this is the only way I will be happy. I am very grateful for my husband and children and they help me in more ways to be happy than they know. I just hope and pray that I will have the courage to go through with it, I can't even imagine what would happen if anything goes wrong.

Sorry for such a long post, I just have been obsessing over this for so long, and I'm afraid I'll schedule the procedure and back out again, please help.

My TT went great! Just dealing with the swell hell 6 weeks out. By the way, my Dr was in a hospital OR, with an anesthesilogist and an over night stay. Would not have done is any other way.
I will definitely keep everyone updated. I read the not worth it reviews and man did that make me rethink everything again. But then I received your post Kimmers and it made me really excited again and your right we will ALL survive:-)

It is good to educate yourself on the risks but really focus on all the positive. 

Your doctor would not do these procedures on you if you were not in good health.   Keep your chin up:)

To be honest I worried more about driving to work on the freeway than I did going in for this surgery.  Have you seen all the crazy drivers out there.!!!

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