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I wanted to post on this site because it really...

I wanted to post on this site because it really helped me decide to go through with SmartLipo and I wanted to help others. I am 24 years old, was 162 pounds on day of surgery. Not sure what I weigh now, but my Dr . said to expect a 3-5 lbs weight loss.

I got this procedure done week go. It was a $7000 procedure but my Dr. cut down my price because I wasn't too too fat. He was also running a 10% off discount at the time. It was well worth the cost - I got a great deal. He even joked about me getting such a good price.

The afternoon after the procedure was difficult - very painful. As was the procedure itself. But you are so sedated you kind of just deal with it. Once I was able to shower and change my bandages I was doing a little bit better. It's still really hard to sit up / lay down, but walking is not a problem.

I'm still a little anxiety-stricken about everything, still a little spooked. I know I have to really lose some weight and tone my arms and legs because now I look extremely disproportionate!

I'm a little nervous that I look TOO skinny.

Pre picture is night before the procedure, post picture is the day after procedure. I will post up more pictures as time goes by.

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He has very fair prices, but he's not the most personable doctor I have ever had.

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Hi Claudia - Thank you for posting your story! I am looking into getting SmartLipo and am also in Maryland! Could you tell me who your Dr is? I'd love to speak to someone who's had it all done, and is happy with the procedure.

Thank you in advance!
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i would love to see pics, im getting it done feb25!
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Hi Claudia -- Welcome to RealSelf! Thanks for posting your experience so far. I think it's pretty natural to be anxious about your results after surgery, and seeing yourself looking so different can be quite a shock. How are you feeling today; any better?

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Thank you very much for your response! Unfortunately today was pretty bad :( I got extremely dehydrated because I'm not eating nor drinking enough because it makes me nauseous. My Dr. told me I could switch over to Ibuprofen though, which I just started a few hour ago. I guess those big time pain killers don't sit well with my stomach. But man, these compression garments are killing me, are they supposed to be this tight and uncomfortable?
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Yeah, they're pretty uncomfortable! The best way to get through it is to think of how swollen you'd be without it on.

Sorry to hear you're not doing well. Hopefully the Ibuprofen will help. *fingers crossed*

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